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Services Overview

Paragon Cloud Enablement Service, a cost-effective, short-term service, eases the transition to Juniper Paragon Automation and automated network operations. The highly adaptable, cloud-based service fast tracks your organization to reaching its business outcomes by focusing on use case enablement. 

With Paragon Cloud Enablement Service, your organization can get automated network operations up and running quickly with minimal overhead and without impacting your engineering or operations teams. A highly skilled Juniper Professional Services Consultant performs the service remotely and is continuously engaged with you to ensure your organization achieves the maximum benefits provided by Paragon Automation.


Services Description

With cloud-delivered Juniper® Paragon Automation as a Service, you can dramatically reduce tedious manual tasks and enable superior experiences for both end users and operators. An assigned Juniper Paragon Consultant, with highly focused technical skills relevant to your network profile and operating requirements, works with you to ensure that you quickly realize improvements in productivity and speed through a cloud-based, SaaS automation solution.  

The consultant will guide you toward instantaneous, error free, end-to-end metro device onboarding delivered through Paragon Automation. The cloud-based service ensures the secure provisioning of fully configured and tested devices across the metro network. 

Paragon Cloud Enablement Service has multiple components that will empower you every step of the way. The components include defining the prerequisites for device onboarding and a cloud connectivity strategy; guiding Network Implementation Planning with device profile creation and interface planning as input for field technicians; ensuring device management; and providing overall workflow testing and validation.

Technology change is both exciting and challenging. Juniper experts minimize the challenges by working closely with you to develop a successful cloud strategy and a result-oriented plan. The end goal is for you to experience real outcomes and value from Paragon Automation as soon as possible. 

With Paragon Cloud Enablement Service, you can expect an excellent customer experience. The cost-effective service includes a single-point-of-contact technical advisor capable of high-touch support, who will assist with onboarding, and provide proactive technical consultation, ongoing guidance, operational review meetings, and ensure knowledge transfer related to Paragon Automation.


Figure 1: Juniper Paragon Cloud Enablement Service empowers you to reach automated network operations.

Figure 1: Juniper Paragon Cloud Enablement Service empowers you to reach automated network operations.

Features and Benefits

Table 1. Paragon Cloud Enablement Service Features and Benefits
Feature Description Benefit
Discovery Workshop A Juniper consultant will lead a technical workshop to discuss customer requirements and environment. The consultant will explain the prerequisites for use case enablement and discuss the implementation strategy. Customers will receive guidelines and processes for accessing Paragon resources.
  • Valuable insights about customer’s network helps accelerate solution adoption.
  • Transition to Paragon Cloud is smoother and less challenging than doing it with internal resources.
Technical Advisor Juniper consultant proactively manages customer experience by guiding teams through the onboarding configuration tasks and prerequisites:
  • Account Administration: Single Sign-On, Sites Creation, Audit Log, User Roles
  • Network Implementation Planning (with User Interface or via API)
  • Device profiles creation
  • Interface planning
Offers technical inputs for cloud connectivity model, security, and troubleshooting assistance:
  • Direct device to cloud
  • Via on-premises appliance
  • With AWS Direct Connect
May also provide an interface between customer and Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) for Paragon-related case progression.
  • Technical discussion and consultation helps customers identify potential impacts and take proactive actions.
  • Ongoing guidance ensures that the customer can experience business outcomes quickly.
  • Assistance reduces the learning curve and builds solution expertise quickly.
  • Juniper and customer build and maintain a closer, more trusted relationship.
  • With no training, hiring, or capital costs, customers realize capital and operational savings.
Continuous Engagement Juniper consultant holds periodic remote meetings to assess and discuss technical issues and solution implementation progress.
  • Customer conference calls provide visibility of operational issues and progress of solution adoption.
Assistance with Testing and Validation Juniper consultant reviews test items with the customer and verifies the successful output.
  • Tests and validations ensure that the desired capabilities are in place and working as intended.
Knowledge Transfer Throughout the customer engagement the Juniper consultant engages with the appropriate personnel and provides expertise and insights to Operations and Engineering teams.
The Expert Knowledge Transfer covers exactly how the solution has been configured and how it can be extended further to other operational activities.
  • Juniper consultant shared detailed information about Paragon solution, use cases workflows, and usage and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics about:
    • Inventory management
    • Configuration management
    • Licenses and images management
  • Customer gains better understanding of network visibility and insights provided by Paragon, including:
    • Telemetry and Active Assurance analytics
    • Network Trust Score, compliance, vulnerabilities, integrity
    • Zero trust security


Ordering Information

The Juniper Networks Paragon Cloud Enablement Service is Time and Material based (40 hours of Cloud Enablement) that is delivered remotely and available globally. To order Paragon Cloud Enablement Service, or receive additional information, contact your Juniper account manager.



The scope of this service is for Paragon Cloud Enablement Service only and does not include separately sold assessment, design, deployment, or migration services. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, contact your Juniper account manager.


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