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Product Overview

The Juniper Mist Premium Analytics cloud service offers network visibility and business intelligence to drive your digital transformation journey. This service provides insights into your network and business operations while overcoming the complex challenges associated with the influx of big data from the multitude of networks and clients.


Product Description

Enterprises continue to modernize IT infrastructures to support their digital transformation initiatives. Many networking teams have started to feel overwhelmed by growing demands such as boosting enterprise network connectivity, planning business re-openings according to new social norms, and the need to collect end-user insights for streamlined operations and better user experience.

Enterprise networking teams are on a nonstop treadmill, sorting through multiple monitoring systems to track the performance of different applications, services, systems, and networks. No matter where they are in their digital journey, they face the following challenges:

  • Data is stored in silos, whether across disparate systems or organizations, making it difficult to access the right data when it’s needed.
  • Filtering and accessing analytics via legacy systems is costly, slow, and inefficient.
  • Few rapid and actionable network business insights are available.


Architecture and Key Components

With Juniper Mist Premium Analytics, enterprises gain end-to-end network visibility and unique, data-driven insights, with customized reports that help them elevate business decision-making. The cloud-based analytics service provides up to 30 days of historical reporting data. A complementary premium service subscription allows access to stored data for up to one year (or more) while being able to schedule and email customized reports. 

With the premium service, you can view network throughput peaks, identify repeat visitors, and more, in order to align support resources for on-demand assistance or public safety. Premium  Analytics extends Juniper baseline analytics capabilities to include third-party network elements, longer periods of data consumption, specialized solutions such as user journey mapping and proximity tracing, and the option to generate customized reports.


Features and Benefits

Wireless, Wired, and WAN Network Insights

To ensure that IT assets and controls meet the business expectations of your digital business, end-to-end network visibility, continuous monitoring, and actionable insights are critical. This involves not only identifying network infrastructure misconfigurations and issues, but also addressing deficiencies impacting applications, end users, and client devices. 

With Juniper Mist Wired Assurance, Wi-Fi Assurance, and WAN Assurance, networking teams gain insights from client to cloud, allowing them to effectively identify and solve sub-par experiences. They can also use client and traffic utilization data for better planning, resource  management, and public safety. Here are some sample networking use cases:

  • Monitoring and behavior reports for applications, traffic, and clients
  • Monitoring historic and average service-level expectations
  • WAN visibility for link and application quality of experience 
  • Ingestion and reporting from Juniper and third-party network devices (not managed by Juniper Mist cloud architecture)
  • Insights on device OS and device manufacturers
  • Traffic metrics on the basis of service set identifier (SSID), switch interfaces, or WAN zones


Line of Business Insights

Business insights, including customer and employee engagement, occupancy analysis, and proximity tracing, have become top priorities for digital transformation initiatives, especially in hybrid workforce environments. Whether analyzing retail traffic flows, space occupancy and utilization in the enterprise, optimizing staff operations, or conducting real-time reporting of congested areas, enterprises from different verticals want network data insights to drive decisions around staffing, product  placement, real estate planning, and proximity tracing. 

Juniper Mist Premium Analytics combines location services built into the platform and those available through technology partnerships. Juniper Mist User Engagement and Juniper Mist Asset Visibility are the location services from Juniper Networks. The result of this combination of location services and analytics is fast access to business insights that support requested analytics about customers and guests. Enterprises and retailers that segment their end users and subscribe to Juniper Mist User Engagement or Juniper Mist Asset Visibility will see areas where customers visit, allowing them to drive more interactions with associates and customers for higher basket sizes. Retailers can also use the digital platform to help them support industry best practices for cross-selling, omnichannel initiatives, and day-to-day practices like social distancing. 

To learn more about Juniper’s use cases that support new social practices at work, please visit

Popular business analytics use cases include:

  • Visitor segmentation and trends with dynamic categorizations
  • Unique visitor trends with popular motion flows for user journey mapping and proximity tracing
  • Ingestion and customized reporting with third-party data


Network IT Use Cases

Figure 1: Wireless network insights


Figure 2: Wired network insights


Figure 3: WAN report


Figure 4: Wireless IDS report


Figure 5: Audit log report


Figure 6: Inventory dashboard

Table 1: Wired, Wireless, and WAN Network Insights
Features Basic Premium Analytics
Networks insights on wired and wireless Y Y
Security insights–rogues and honeypots Y Y
Client connections–trend and counts Y Y
Application visibility from Juniper Mist Wireless Y Y
Queries (rank, list, trend, and counts) Y Y
Custom queries–Unique devices on multiple WLANs (trend and counts) N Y
Average and historic service-level expectations beyond 7 days N Y
Trend reports for applications, traffic, and clients N Y
Insights on device OS and device manufacturer N Y
Traffic metrics on the basis of SSID, switch, switch interfaces, or WAN zones N Y
Access point ranking by clients and traffic N Y
Wireless security threat distribution and rogue access point trends N Y
Audit log reports for longer period N Y
Inventory reports N Y
WAN visibility for link QoE and application QoE N Y
Ingestion and reporting from Juniper Network Devices (not managed by Juniper Mist Cloud) N Y


Line-of-Business Use Cases

Figure 7: Engagement analytics dashboard


Table 2: Engagement Analytics
Features Basic Premium Analytics
Visitor segmentation and reporting based on user-defined dwell times Y Y
Dwell time that includes trends and averages for predefined labels for visitor segmentation Y Y
Unique visitor trends based on predefined labels for visitor segmentation Y Y
Dwell and visits per site, floor, and department Y Y
Visitor segmentation between new and repeat based on a fixed, 7-day rolling window Y Y
Heat maps including real-time and historical replay of visits and dwell times Y Y
Visitor segmentation between new and repeat based on flexible and configurable time duration N Y
Data segmentation and reporting based on dynamic aggregation of dwell times for visitor segmentation N Y
Dwell time that includes trends and average for dynamically defined labels for visitor segmentation N Y
Unique visitor trends based on dynamically defined labels for visitor segmentation N Y
Ability to reprocess historical data sets based on changes in criteria N Y
Popular motion paths including traffic flows between zones N Y
Ingestion and reporting with location and third-party data such as sentiment, weather, and so on N Y


Figure 8: Occupancy analytics dashboard 


Table 3: Occupancy Analytics
Features Basic Premium Analytics
Heat map of floor and zone occupancies based on preconfigured maximum capacity restrictions Y Y
Ability to customize timeframe and location sources Y Y
Occupancy trends over time N Y
Zone ranking based on capacity and dwell time N Y
User ranking based on dwell times N Y


Figure 9: Proximity tracing dashboard


Table 4: Proximity Tracing
Features Basic Premium Analytics
Ability to rewind and replay the location history of individuals N Y
Ability to identify users who were in close proximity to a selected individual N Y
Ability to identify encounter duration N Y
Ability to customize encounter duration and historic timeframes N Y
Heat map of zone occupancies based on preconfigured maximum capacity restrictions N Y


Ordering Information

Juniper Networks products are sold directly as well as through Juniper partners and resellers. Please contact your Juniper account team or partner for licensing. For more information on how to buy, please visit:


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