NASPO ValuePoint AR3232

All state and local governments can purchase Juniper Networks equipment through the NASPO ValuePoint Data Communications contract, which is managed by the State of Utah.

Any state, NASPO ValuePoint member or nonmember, can easily purchase Juniper Networks equipment by executing a participating addendum to establish master contracts for their area.

All other levels of political subdivisions (counties, cities, etc.) may use the lead contract for purchases without having to execute a participating addendum.

For more information on the Juniper Networks NASPO ValuePoint contract (including the RFP response), please contact Roxanne Bieniek at


NASPO ValuePoint AR3232 Discounts

Product Discount 45% and Service Discount 15%

List of authorized VARs by state [XLSX 1.60 MB]

To learn more about NASPO ValuePoint AR3232, please visit