Strengthen your infrastructure security posture without compromising on performance.

Juniper’s MX Security lets you do more with what you already have.

5G. IoT. The multicloud. Your existing network infrastructure may meet the performance and scale requirements of these new technologies, but is it threat-aware?

This is where MX Security comes in. It modernizes and maximizes your existing MX Series platforms with advanced security capabilities, so your network is better equipped to defend against cyberthreats.

Add security capabilities to your existing MX Series platforms and get greater returns on your investment.


Maximize the performance and scale of your defense systems while delivering automated threat detection and mitigation in real time.


Leverage machine learning algorithms and security intelligence to mitigate advanced threats.


Monetize as a service and provide security as a value-add to your customers, in addition to connectivity.

What MX security products are available today?

MX-SPC3 Security Services Card

Be ready for 5G with high-performance CGNAT, stateful firewall, and beyond.

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Juniper Networks Security Intelligence (SecIntel)

Automate and protect at scale with real-time threat intelligence.

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Juniper and Corero Joint DDoS Protection Solution

Safeguard your users, applications, and infrastructure against DDoS attacks.

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Your customers expect speed. Here’s how to move faster.

Delivering high performance CGNAT solution with MX-SPC3

Learn how the Juniper MX-SPC3 advanced services card transforms the CGNAT infrastructure by leveraging the existing MX240, MX480 and MX960 routers to deliver industry-leading performance, scale and agility.

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MX240, MX480, MX960 on Conference Call

Learn what makes MX Security smart choice for your network and business.

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Stop Crippling DDoS Attacks

Find out how Juniper and Corero jointly deliver a modern DDoS protection solution for securing always-on networks

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