Supra ITS Delivers World-Class Managed Services in Canada and Beyond

For many small and midsize businesses, plans for digital innovation are stymied by the expertise and day-to-day work of managing IT systems. In Canada, hundreds of organizations rely on Supra ITS to fuel their digital agility. The company started two decades ago as a value-added reseller, and today it offers world-class managed IT and hybrid cloud services with a quickness unmatched by bigger consulting firms.


Company Supra ITS
Industry SaaS Services
Products used MX204SRX320
Region Americas
Customer Success At-a-glance


Agility to deliver worldclass managed IT and hybrid cloud services in Canada and beyond


An agile and resilient WAN to interconnect global data centers and customer sites


A scalable network that enables rapid and efficient service expansion



“We are agnostic to the technology and we meet the customer’s need,” says Sanjeev Spolia, founder and CEO of Supra ITS. “We can manage what is in a customer’s data center, our private cloud, or in the public cloud.”

Guided by a customer-first philosophy, the privately held Supra ITS offers a broad portfolio of managed IT and cloud services, disaster recovery and backup, software development, consulting, implementation, and service desk. Although its customers are concentrated in the greater Toronto area, Supra ITS delivers IT services to government, healthcare, education, real estate, and manufacturing customers across Canada and around the world. Supra ITS is ISO 9000-certified for quality management and ISO 27001-certified for security controls. It is also a certified Oracle Global Managed Service Provider.

“From a process, technology, and security perspective, Supra ITS is mature,” Spolia says. “We are much more nimble and move more quickly than the big IT service providers.”

Supra ITS recently built a new hybrid MPLS network to interconnect its four data centers in Canada, the U.S., and India, and to directly connect to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud. “It is imperative that we can provide secure connectivity for customers and easily integrate with cloud providers,” Spolia says.

Supra ITS Challenge


With an MPLS network based on Juniper Networks MX204 Universal Routing Platform, Supra ITS created an agile network that is high performing, secure, scalable, and operationally efficient. The MX204 router, which provides ultra-high 10GbE/100GbE density in a compact, space- and power-optimized platform, can deliver 400 Gbps of throughput. Supra ITS uses Juniper Networks SRX320 Services Gateway to connect customer locations with consolidated security, switching, and WAN connectivity.

“We chose Juniper because of its history of building telco services and deep expertise in hybrid MPLS,” Spolia says. With a hybrid enterprise WAN, Supra ITS can combine two or more links at each site, such as an MPLS circuit or broadband Internet. “Our managed services customers in Canada commonly use multiple MPLS providers,” Spolia explains.

“With Juniper, we can mesh them together and provide a network service coming from different MPLS providers, all integrated with our data centers.”

“Juniper has mature MPLS services that enable us to deliver high availability networking with the flexibility to change the routes on the fly without impacting the production environment,” he says. “After the proof-of-concept test, our feeling was that the MX Series router is ahead of its competitors.”

Juniper’s technology leadership wasn’t the only deciding factor. “The level of presales and technical support led us to make the decision to build the MPLS network based on Juniper,” Spolia says.

Supra ITS Solution


The demand for managed IT and cloud services is accelerating as organizations have stepped up efforts to digitally transform customer and employee experiences and processes. Supra ITS is well-positioned to capture this growth opportunity. It is building a new data center in Montreal and continually refreshes data center infrastructure to ensure optimal service delivery.

“Juniper’s flexibility and scale were key for us,” Spolia says. “As a service provider, we want to develop a service and grow it rapidly in 12 to 18 months. With the way our Juniper network is designed, we have the flexibility to add infrastructure as growth occurs.

As an experienced technology leader, Spolia noted that one key difference with this project was the relationship with Juniper.

“I can pick up the phone and call my account manager and I don’t have to jump through hoops,” he says. “We are a very nimble shop and Juniper has a very quick response that helps us work quickly.”

Supra ITS Outcome
Sanjeev Spolia, Founder and CEO, Supra ITS
"We are a very nimble shop and Juniper has a very quick response that helps us work quickly."
Sanjeev Spolia Founder and CEO, Supra ITS

Published November 2020