Building a Network for Tomorrow’s Customers

Investment protection with operational scale.

Your service provider business depends on your ability to deliver compelling services to your customers. But if your legacy edge network can’t scale, then your cost of doing business grows right along with increasing traffic volume, leaving margins flat. That’s not a sustainable business model.

Juniper’s edge solutions give you scalability for business growth, protecting and extending the value of your edge network investment. Our MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router portfolio scales from 100 Mbps through 80 Tbps, allowing you to choose the right-sized platform for your application without sacrificing features or quality. Additionally, you can choose physical MX Series 3D routers for high-performance scale-up and virtual MX Series 3D platforms for rapid scale-out, all while maintaining a single operating environment.

Security should be front and center in any investment protection discussion. Juniper’s physical and virtual security portfolio scales from 100 Mbps to 300 Gbps of firewall throughput, offering you a range of choices, each with the same high quality and features. The vSRX virtual firewall lets you incorporate the benefits of NFV into your network; it serves as a key component of a virtualized managed security service.

Looking ahead, your company’s success will be accelerated or constrained by your ability to launch new services in minutes—not months—and at high scale. Our Cloud CPE solution and Contrail Cloud Platform equip you with a comprehensive solution that automates and orchestrates provisioning of your physical and virtual resources, eliminating time-consuming manual processes and breaking down the barrier to delivering unique, highly customized services in record time.

To maximize your operations efficiency at scale, Junos® Space manages the entire solution, while purpose-built Junos Space applications such as Security Director, Services Activation Director, and Contrail Service Orchestrator automate service configuration and provisioning. And with the Junos Space SDK, your developers can create and deploy innovative, network-aware applications tailored for your business needs.

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How we put it together
  • vSRX Virtual Firewall

    High-performance network security in a virtual form factor ideal for rapid deployment and scale-out environments.

  • MX Series

    Flagship edge routing platforms for enterprise and service provider applications with unparalleled bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale.

  • SRX Series Firewalls

    High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry's most scalable and resilient platform.