Using IT to Redefine the Future of Global Banking

Increase agility to capture growth opportunities.

The global banking industry is facing unprecedented change. Millennials and others around the world are moving their transactions online to digital banking. Even the previously unbanked are moving to all digital banking. And as new, nontraditional competitors are claiming increasing market share, cyberattacks reveal ever-greater sophistication. Amidst this turmoil, banks everywhere are under pressure to find new ways to fuel growth and profitability while operating within the confines of a highly regulated industry.

Juniper is helping global banks build better networks to increase agility, achieve operational efficiencies, and mitigate risk. From the front office to back-office operations and into the cloud, Juniper can help you modernize your IT infrastructure to deliver competitive financial products and an outstanding customer experiences.

With Juniper, your employees have secure access to business-critical applications and services anytime, anywhere, delivered reliably and consistently from agile, flexible data centers and the cloud. Juniper’s powerful switching solutions enable banks to accelerate trading and market data applications, using a distributed architecture. A simplified WAN design can reliably connect your offices, data centers, and cloud services while lowering costs and complexity.

Protecting the enterprise is imperative, too. Banking applications demand high-performance, highly resilient security that can defend critical applications, with consistent latency even in volatile conditions. Our Software-Defined Secure Network solution gives you the power to keep your applications, data, and clouds secure.

You can secure your campus networks with the Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise, delivering a better user experience at a lower cost. And with our industry-leading branch office solution, you pay only for the capabilities you need, so you can extend superior functionality and cost savings all the way out to your branch offices.

Automation and orchestration play a key role in achieving much-needed operational efficiencies. With our open, smart solutions, you can deliver and manage services with greater agility and efficiency across your data center, campus, and branch environments.

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