Get a Handle on Network Growth

SDN brings control to unpredictable environments.

Exploding growth and rapidly shifting traffic patterns wreak havoc with the network, making it nearly impossible for operators to manage or provision, let alone anticipate future needs.

But the programmability of software-defined networking (SDN) introduces a new level of network elasticity and flexibility that enables operators to maximize resources while shortening planning cycles.

For example, NorthStar Controller for carrier SDN can centralize traditionally distributed traffic engineering operations. This capability minimizes the need for emergency capacity planning while helping operators realize greater segment utilization, create predictable network survivability scenarios, and respond quickly to new service rollouts.

As a homogeneous, customizable, and programmable traffic engineering platform with global network visibility, NorthStar Controller ensures predictable network behavior across multiple layers.

NorthStar Controller gives carrier networks the ability to self-optimize and automatically identify the best path through the network, in near real time, helping you increase traffic utilization by as much as 25 percent and reduce costs associated with overprovisioning by as much as 35 percent. All of this is accomplished by leveraging open, standards-based protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Netconf/YANG, and Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP).

In this way the carrier NorthStar Controller becomes a platform for building customized applications that deliver new revenue-generating services, or for leveraging prepackaged applications such as bandwidth calendar, premium path service creation, and elastic bandwidth grooming.

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How we put it together
  • NorthStar Controller

    A software platform that provides elastic, online SDN programmability, analysis, and optimization.

  • PTX Series

    Full-featured IP/MPLS Converged Supercore routers that optimize performance and deployability, providing critical core capabilities that help operators meet rapidly changing traffic patterns.


    A multivendor, multiprotocol, and multilayer operations support system (OSS) traffic management and engineering solution for IP/MPLS networks.