ACX Series

Universal Access Routers

Carrier Ethernet 2.0-compliant routers enable efficient mobile backhaul and highly reliable, SLA-backed business services while reining in operational expenses.

ACX Series
  • ACX500

    ACX500 fanless mobile backhaul routers, designed for indoor and outdoor use, are ideal for small-cell applications.

  • ACX1000

    ACX1000 Universal Access Router offers an entry-level configuration and is ideal for cabinet and tower deployment.

  • ACX1100

    ACX1100 Universal Access Router provides an Ethernet-only configuration, ideal for external cabinet or tower installation.

  • ACX2100

    ACX2100 Universal Access Router has a fixed-port configuration and 10GbE capability, with additional SFP ports.

  • ACX2200

    ACX2200 is a hardened, Ethernet-only high-capacity router optimized for LTE and LTE-Advanced.

  • ACX4000

    ACX4000 Universal Access Router carries two modular interface cards, making it versatile for any deployment.

  • ACX5000

    ACX5000 presents cost-effective Carrier Ethernet access and aggregation solutions for mobile backhaul and Metro-E.

  • Optimized for mobile backhaul

    Mobile subscribers enjoy a consistent, positive experience over high-bandwidth, high-availability IP/MPLS transport services, from radio access network (RAN) to core.

  • Operationally efficient

    Seamless MPLS minimizes operational overhead, and zero-touch deployment reduces operational cost.

  • Hardware-based high precision timing

    Proven Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588-2008 clocking technologies provide the industry’s highest quality of experience and meet the strictest LTE-Advanced requirements.

  • Temperature-hardened and space-efficient

    Temperature-hardened design, fanless cooling, and small form factor make these routers ideal for use cases that demand high availability in extreme environments.

  • SDN-ready

    Built-in service engine allows new levels of data and control-plane programmability in an open and flexible environment.