Junos Space Management Applications

Optimize Network Management

Extending the breadth of the Junos Space solution, these easy-to-use applications optimize network management for various domains in service provider and enterprise environments.

  • Edge Services Director

    Junos Space Edge Services Director enables rapid configuration, provisioning, modification, monitoring, troubleshooting, and management of network edge applications.

  • Security Director

    Junos Space Security Director is a scalable and responsive security management application that improves security policy administration.

  • Network Director

    Junos Space Network Director simplifies operations by unifying wired and wireless management for life cycle management of campus and data center networks.

  • Virtual Director

    Virtual Director automates instantiation of virtual machines for Juniper’s virtual security services, supporting fast and error-free service rollout.

  • Cross Provisioning Platform

    Junos Space Cross Provisioning Platform simplifies multivendor service provisioning for carrier Ethernet and MPLS, using a simple management interface.

  • Connectivity Services Director

    Junos Space Connectivity Services Director ensures effortless services provisioning with a simple interface for design, management, and validation.

  • Service Now

    Junos Space Service Now is a remote, automated troubleshooting client that enables Juniper to quickly identify and resolve a problem in the customer's network.

  • Service Insight

    Junos Space Service Insight reduces network downtime with proactive bug notifications and enables thorough automated end-of-life/end-of-support impact analysis.

  • Content Director

    Junos Space Content Director speeds and simplifies deployment and configuration of Junos Content Encore through the network.

Error-free service provisioning

Empowers the network with error-free service provisioning, simplified network operations, and automated troubleshooting.

  • Simplifies network management

    Provides an easy-to-use interface that simplifies network management.

  • Reduced network downtime

    Enables reduced network downtime with proactive bug notification specific to the customer network configuration.

  • Automated instantiation of virtual machines

    Includes automated instantiation of virtual machines for Juniper virtual security services to support fast, error-free service rollouts.