Service Control

Add Personalized Value-Added Services

Service providers can introduce new differentiating value-added services by simply configuring new per-subscriber policy rules that will personalize and tune virtual and physical services based on subscriber, device, location, and application.

  • Junos Application Aware

    Junos Application Aware identifies and classifies traffic on a per application basis for application-specific competitive differentiation.

  • Junos Subscriber Aware

    Junos Subscriber Aware permits differentiated services based on subscriber identity.

  • Flexible and agile framework

    Flexible and agile framework that enables instantiation of virtualized, personalized, value-added services.

  • Subscriber and traffic awareness

    MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers play a key role in the subscriber awareness/traffic detection function.

  • Contrail SDN interface

    The Contrail SDN controller can be used to orchestrate and enable policy-based service chains.