Junos Network Secure

Stateful firewall services to protect edge services

Junos Network Secure software eliminates external firewalls that consume router ports and management resources and can be used as a first line of defense in layered security architectures.

    Junos Network Secure


    Junos Network Secure provides stateful firewall services that are integrated with the MX 3D Series Universal Edge Routers to provide protection for the service provider and enterprise network. It can also protect the customer infrastructure in a revenue-generating managed service.

    Traffic from any ingress port can be classified and routed to the Junos Network Secure stateful firewall and then either dropped or forwarded. This integration allows users to eliminate external firewalls that consume router ports and additional management resources. Junos Network Secure can also function as a first line of defense in a layered security architecture and offload bulk stateful filtering from the standalone firewall.


    • Stateful packet filtering (IPv6) maintains per flow state table and allows packet-matching criteria
    • Packet inspection for a variety of IP values works for length, checksum, and fragmentation
    • Track "top talkers" based on sessions of bandwidth usage of particular flows, source and destination IP addresses, and endpoint pairs detect and protect against a variety of attacks
    • Anomaly tables track sites under attack or potential hackers
    • Support for application-layer gateway algorithms provides installation and use flexibility

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