Christoph Hilz, Tribe Head Voice & Messaging, Deutsche Telekom

Automating Voice Services From the Cloud — the Strategy Behind DT’s NIMS

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Photo of the host, Christoph Hilz, Tribe Head Voice & Messaging, Deutsche Teleko.

Deutsche Telekom dreams big and makes the impossible possible. 

Deutsche Telekom had big ambitions to radically transform their network, making it easier to provide any service and outcome imaginable for their customers. Discover how they teamed up with Juniper to digitally transform and automate their network using an open cloud-based architecture.

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You’ll learn

  • The goals Deutsche Telekom set for their digital transformation project and how its partners contributed to its success 

  • How the digital transformation lets Deutsche Telekom move quickly and respond rapidly to market demands 

  • Deutsche Telekom’s strategy and take on change: start early, so you benefit longer 

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Christophe Hilz Headshot
Christoph Hilz
Tribe Head Voice & Messaging, Deutsche Telekom


0:03 [Music]

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0:22 we wanted to do something completely

0:24 different

0:25 something that had never been done

0:27 before

0:28 we didn't know what the journey would

0:30 hold but

0:32 we had ambition our previous ims

0:35 platform was built like every other

0:37 service we operated

0:38 we had to do everything manually to

0:40 configure every element

0:42 it took months or often years to bring

0:44 something new to the market

0:46 and we were relying to the vendors as

0:48 they defined what our services look like

0:51 rather than us

0:52 [Music]

0:54 we virtualized and automated specific

0:56 functions but we still ended

0:58 up with technology cycles each one still

1:00 had its own hardware

1:02 control monitoring and automation

1:04 environment

1:06 continuing like that was not

1:09 acceptable we just wanted a new platform

1:13 a platform for innovation a platform

1:15 that we could use

1:16 for any service we imagined

1:20 we wanted to deliver a whole new set of

1:22 outcomes

1:24 faster time to market in-service

1:26 software upgrades that worked first time

1:28 complete automation of our operations

1:30 with software validated in seconds

1:32 and service features driven by us rather

1:35 than our suppliers

1:37 we knew we needed to radically change

1:40 the way we build

1:41 and run our platforms we strengthened

1:43 our great team

1:45 and hired the best talents from around

1:47 the world

1:48 we defined new processes replacing old

1:51 processes

1:51 that had been in place for years or

1:53 sometimes decades

1:56 we designed an open universal

1:58 cloud-based architecture that ensured we

2:00 weren't locked into

2:01 any supplier for any element of our

2:04 service

2:07 changing our way of working we really

2:09 challenged

2:10 all of our selected vendors to

2:12 collaborate with one another

2:14 as they develop new functions using a

2:16 devops model

2:17 sharing and integration testing across

2:19 different suppliers

2:20 as we develop the solutions

2:25 automation is a key part of our

2:28 philosophy

2:29 so we automated everything if it moved

2:31 we automated it

2:33 brutal automation

2:36 we selected the partner for each area

2:39 hardware

2:40 network fabric ims functions

2:42 orchestration and automation

2:44 but also key was selecting partners who

2:47 were on the same wavelength

2:48 who were hungry for radical

2:50 transformation

2:51 so even if they were competing for

2:54 business

2:54 they all understood they had to work

2:57 together as a team

3:00 and it worked now we have a fully

3:02 operational cloud-based platform

3:04 for our services so now we can see our

3:07 vision has become reality

3:08 we can put our ideas into production in

3:11 a few months

3:12 rather than years we can validate and

3:15 deploy new software versions

3:17 in a few days or even in minutes instead

3:20 of weeks

3:20 and we can change things as we go in

3:23 normal business hours

3:25 without affecting customer services when

3:28 we started this journey

3:30 no one else believed that it would be

3:31 possible but it was

3:34 we did it for our customers following

3:37 our pioneer instincts

3:38 and we did it for the future because you

3:41 know

3:42 we won't stop until everyone is

3:44 connected

3:47 [Music]

4:26 do

4:30 [Music]

4:45 [Applause]

4:46 [Music]

4:55 you

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