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Service providers: Here’s how to thrive in today’s multicloud landscape

From scalable IP services fabric to a cloud-first approach and simplifying telco and edge cloud, Juniper is delivering differentiated experiences for service providers and their customers, upgrading the end-user experience, and moving it into a new era. Learn how Juniper can transform your network in this overview of the Juniper Networks Service Provider strategy. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why it’s important to simplify the network and its operation for greater efficiency

  • The three strategic pillars Juniper is focusing on to drive experience-first networking 

  • The two experience-enablers underpinning each of these pillars 

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Network Professionals Business Leaders


00:01 The internet connects us better…

00:03 to education,

00:05 work,

00:06 entertainment,

00:08 health

00:09 and more.

00:10 But the internet isn’t standing still.

00:12 Innovation enables new experiences, new opportunities and new revenues.

00:18 Growth will require Service Providers to shift their focus from connectivity

00:22 to the seamless delivery of on-demand services.

00:25 Focusing on Customer Experience will require

00:27 Service Providers to simplify the network and its operation, for greater efficiency

00:32 and to deliver a differentiable end-user customer experience.

00:36 It’s what we at Juniper call Experience-First Networking.

00:40 To accomplish this objective, we are focusing on these three strategic pillars:

00:45 Scalable IP Fabric, Cloud-First solutions and Managed Enterprise Services.

00:50 Our Scalable IP Services Fabric helps you address increasing traffic and lower latency demands

00:56 while providing you with a more agile, dynamic and resilient network infrastructure…

01:01 from the OPEN RAN or fixed access, across the Cloud-Metro,

01:05 to the Multi-service Edge, Core and Data-Center,

01:08 our Cloud-First solutions help operators address their need

01:11 for integrated cloud strategies,

01:13 enabling efficient service delivery from private, public or hybrid clouds.

01:18 Our Managed Enterprise solutions provide the opportunity to capitalize

01:22 on the digital transformation of Enterprise IT…

01:25 and managed, private 5G.

01:28 And each of these pillars is underpinned by our Experience-Enablers:

01:33 Connected Security and Intelligent Automation.

01:36 Our Connected Security solution safeguards users, devices, applications and infrastructure

01:41 by extending security to all points of connection across the network.

01:45 Our end-to-end Intelligent Automation means you can manage and orchestrate

01:49 all the domains of a complex network to deliver uninterrupted service,

01:53 all supported by our Professional Services.

01:57 And with our Open approach you get to choose from a strong eco-system of partners…

02:02 Our Pre-integrated solutions optimize network operations,

02:05 allowing you to deliver differentiated services to all your customers.

02:09 Together we will:

02:11 Deliver infrastructure, dynamic enough to deliver capacity

02:14 wherever and whenever it’s needed.

02:17 Virtualize, for cloud-like agility and resiliency.

02:21 Automate, to simplify complexity and deliver assured services.

02:25 And secure all network elements, devices and applications – right from the outset.

02:31 Juniper Experience-First Networking delivers outcomes that matter.

02:35 They matter to you and they matter to your customers, wherever they may be,

02:40 because at the end of the day, networks are really all about the experience...

02:44 of being better connected.

02:47 Juniper Networks. Driven by experience.

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