Yarob Sakhnini, VP, EMEA Emerging Markets, Juniper Networks

Telecom Egypt’s Journey Towards a Self-Driving Network | Juniper Global Summit

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Yarob Sakhnin

1500 network nodes and counting. How to keep up?

Being a nation’s best source in total communication solutions holds a lot of responsibility. With a fixed-line subscriber base in access of 6.5 million subscribers, Telecom Egypt strategizes how to continue with country’s explosive growth and plan for the future.

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You’ll learn

  • How to keep up with customer base capacity

  • Egypt’s strategic infrastructure pillars

  • The possibilities digital transformation holds for a country

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Business Leaders Network Professionals


Yarob Sakhnini
Yarob Sakhnini
VP, EMEA Emerging Markets, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Mohamed Al Fowey
Mohamed Al Fowey
CTO, Telecom Egypt