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Building the Automated WAN of the Future | Juniper Global Summit

Global Summit 2021 WAN
Andrew Vaz
Mats Nordlund, Sr. Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks, in front of a backdrop graphic of gears, as he talks about network issues and quality monitoring in a video presentation.

The network of the future is here.

Juniper’s mission is to take powering connections to the next level by focusing on Experience-First Networking. We’re doing it by making networking services simpler to operate and offering a superior user experience.

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You’ll learn

  • Juniper’s WAN, automation, and routing portfolio

  • ACX, MX, and PTX routing products

  • Paragon Automation Suite

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Andrew Vaz
Andrew Vaz
VP, Product Line Management, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Mats Nordlund
Mats Nordlund
Sr. Director, Product Management, Juniper Networks


00:12 -Thank you for joining me today as Mats Nordlund and I explore the new

00:16 offerings in our web automation and routing portfolio with you.

00:20 We have embarked on a very clear direction at Juniper where our mission

00:24 is to take power and connections to the next level by focusing

00:27 on our true north of experience first networking.

00:31 We plan on doing this by focusing on making network services simpler

00:35 to operate as well as offering a superior user experience with our products.

00:40 Today, we will not only talk about innovations in our traditional ACX, MX,

00:44 and PTX routing products powered by Junos,

00:48 but also our new Paragon Automation Suite.

00:51 We now live in a hyper-connected world where billions of people,

00:55 applications, and even things depend on reliable networks.

00:59 More importantly, it is past the hype

01:01 stage as we tangibly feel its impact today.

01:05 Let' s think on the last year through the pandemic as many of us

01:08 have worked from home, or have had to educate our children online.

01:12 Where the network fails, there are real consequences.

01:16 One thing that we have researched is that in our industry the Telecom

01:19 NPS, Net Promoter Score, is roughly half that of any other industry.

01:25 To quote one operator, we are plagued by churn that would terrify

01:30 any other industry, and you know what happens when one of your customers

01:34 isn' t satisfied with their service?

01:36 They leave. What else do they do?

01:39 They tell their friends and try to get them to leave as well.

01:44 The cause of this poor customer experience

01:47 is actually known as 60% of network

01:49 problems are identified by your customers

01:51 and not your IT and NetOps teams.

01:54 Mats is going to cover a great solution to this problem.

01:58 Let us make our life even more complex.

02:00 We talked about where we are today,

02:02 but let' s think about what's happening in the future.

02:05 Network operators are simply expected to roll out even more complex services.

02:11 With the introduction of 5G, networks now must deliver emerging

02:15 applications supporting stringent performance characterizations.

02:19 New low latency services such as VR gaming are now possible

02:23 and are adding both bandwidth and service latency requirements.

02:27 Industrial solutions, IoT, and resultant mMTC requirements are

02:32 exploding the level of logical scale that our networks must support.

02:37 Enterprises are using new applications and services to digitize

02:41 and transform their manufacturing processes,

02:44 improve productivity,

02:46 and increase their ability to compete.

02:48 We have heard interesting examples from car manufacturers

02:52 looking to leverage private 5G slices for telematics

02:55 and software upgrades to private local governments requesting

02:59 to look to build out highly secure first responder networks.

03:04 The market is clearly not just looking for planos connectivity.

03:08 The increasing dependence on the network for service access and experience

03:12 provides an opportunity for network operators to increase the relevance

03:16 and value in the delivery of network connectivity, content, and applications.

03:21 In this session, we will present our newly launched Paragon Automation Suite,

03:26 as well as innovations in our Scalable IP LAN offerings based

03:30 on our hardware and our massively deployed

03:32 Juniper Network Operating System, JUNOS.

03:36 We have just released Paragon Automation a modular

03:39 portfolio of cloud-native software applications that deliver

03:43 closed-loop automation ensuring that end-users receive an assured

03:47 service experience throughout the life of their service.

03:51 We specifically named our automation portfolio Paragon

03:54 as it represents a model of excellence that you can

03:57 use to deliver the superior customer experience

04:00 at cloud service provider and large enterprise scale.

04:04 Paragon Automation is a modular network automation suite of tools

04:08 that augments the operator to support

04:11 the entire network and service lifecycle.

04:14 Paragon will allow you to plan, model, and verify services

04:18 before deployment, orchestrate end-to-end services,

04:22 actively verify service quality across physical and virtual networks,

04:27 and correlate network health by leveraging machine learning,

04:30 which will allow us to offer predictive analytics and gray failure analysis.

04:34 It also simplifies path optimization, slice

04:37 creation, and management of your network.

04:39 It is built on best-in-class cloud-native software

04:43 foundations, where the applications can work independently,

04:46 integrated together, and with existing tools and solutions to

04:50 manage your entire land and augment your operators to quickly deliver

04:54 and maintain their network service quality.

04:57 Is cloud-enabled design enables Paragon automation

05:01 to be cloud-hosted and offered as a SaaS,

05:03 or self-hosted and operated from private data centers or public clouds.

05:08 Its microservice-based architecture allows us to horizontally

05:12 scale and quickly deliver and leverage new services in the network.

05:18 A great example of a third-party automation tool that is part

05:21 of our Paragon offering is based on our partnership with Anuta networks.

05:26 For orchestration, we are leveraging Anuta' s atom

05:29 software for workflow provisioning and orchestration.

05:33 Anuta' s atom allows us to orchestrate the network and eliminate costly

05:36 deployment errors by automating operational workflows for service

05:40 management in a multi-vendor network.

05:43 Now, Mats and I would like to focus on one more

05:45 critical aspect of networking today.

05:48 We all know the quote from Peter Drucker "

05:50 If you can' t measure it, you can' t improve it."

05:53 To deliver quality at scale through automation, you first need

05:57 to ensure that you can measure service quality accurately.

06:01 The paradigm shift to network automation,

06:03 we need to make sure that we have access to relevant data

06:06 required to optimize your infrastructure automatically.

06:10 Mats will now talk about how active assurance can

06:13 improve network quality and customer experience.

06:17 -Thanks, Andrew. I' m Mats Nordlund.

06:19 I came to Juniper through the acquisition of Netrounds,

06:22 which is now rebranded as Paragon Active Assurance.

06:27 As network quality is becoming a key success factor for most of you to stay

06:31 competitive and to succeed with your digital transformation projects,

06:36 what would be more important than ensuring that your networks

06:39 always deliver an uninterrupted service quality?

06:43 This is what Paragon Active Assurance is all about.

06:47 The principle behind our solution is similar to how other

06:51 industries have successfully managed to guarantee quality.

06:55 Let' s look at the automotive industry, an industry

06:58 that has matured over more than a century.

07:01 Toyota' s approach to quality is well known

07:04 and has been the role model for many others.

07:07 As you can see in this screenshot from their website, they minimize the risk

07:12 of delivering a broken product to their customers in step one and two.

07:16 As a third step, they find and resolve

07:19 any problems that might slip through the process.

07:22 The last step, make sure to avoid that the same mistake happens again.

07:27 With Paragon Active Assurance, you can apply

07:30 the same principles but to network quality.

07:34 First, you can now run active tests to validate that network configuration

07:39 changes won' t have any unexpected side effects for your end-users.

07:45 Compare this to software engineering, with unit tests are

07:49 performed to validate that nothing breaks after a code update.

07:54 Second, you can also confirm that services really work and are

07:58 accessible before your end-users and employees start using them.

08:02 Third, using the same solution, we can monitor the services 24/7

08:08 in real-time and on the data plane to detect problems before your end-users.

08:14 Finally, you can run repeated automated tests at any future change

08:20 on the network to avoid that the same mistake happens again.

08:24 If these four simple steps were implemented by every service provider,

08:29 and every enterprise, we would have a minimum

08:33 of problems affecting end users, wouldn' t we?

08:36 Well, real-world data paints another picture.

08:40 Here at Juniper, we started independent analyst research,

08:44 and we even carried out our own survey of 200 US

08:47 enterprises and communication service providers.

08:51 The findings revealed that remarking 60% of network problems

08:56 were first reported by users or not even reported that all 60%.

09:03 This corresponds to multimillion-dollar losses in reduced employee

09:06 productivity for enterprises, or churn for service providers.

09:12 Although the industry has been talking about network quality assurance

09:16 for decades, this finding is clear evidence that there is great financial

09:21 value for those of you who take network quality seriously.

09:25 Why do we have this whole situation?

09:28 First of all, network configurations are now changing more often than ever.

09:34 Every time the network is touched, there is a risk of negative impact on quality.

09:39 That' s just a fact.

09:40 Another reason is that an increasingly large part of your networks

09:45 are no longer on their IETs or NetOps own control.

09:49 Basically, cloud and partner networks have now

09:52 become blind spots when there are network issues.

09:56 Finally, the increased demand for quality

09:59 has lowered the tolerance barrier for network issues.

10:04 Let' s have a look at a few examples

10:06 that illustrate the impact of network issues.

10:09 Employees. They might experience slow or unavailable applications

10:14 due to missing routing or security policies.

10:18 Self-driving cars might disable network-assisted features

10:22 due to a misconfigured quality of service settings.

10:26 Industrial robots that depend on real-time control loops might cause

10:31 production losses if there are issues with the SD-WAN underlay.

10:35 In order to understand and quickly resolve these issues,

10:39 measurements on the data plane are required.

10:43 Measuring like an end-user is what Active Assurance is all about.

10:48 Let' s look at the enabling technology behind this.

10:52 Paragon Active Assurance uses software-based

10:55 test agents shown as orange square icons here.

10:59 These test agents are packaged as Docker containers

11:02 or Virtual Machines, and they generate active traffic

11:05 from layer two to layer seven across any network domain to and from

11:10 any public cloud OpenStack or even Kubernetes environments.

11:15 Test agents can also interact with built-in reflectors in Juniper

11:19 devices and other equipment like radio base stations to further increase

11:24 coverage where test agents cannot easily be deployed.

11:28 With active traffic on the data plane, you can now figure out

11:32 if there are issues with the SD-WAN underlay if QoS behaves

11:36 correctly or whether the security and routing policies are properly set up.

11:42 In summary,

11:44 guaranteeing service quality is no longer a distant dream for you guys.

11:49 We would love to set up a trial so you can discover for yourself how

11:53 to automatically validate changes in your own network and how to monitor

11:57 quality and detect issues before your end-users.

12:01 This results in network services that are delivered

12:05 right the first time and right all the time.

12:09 Now, while measuring service quality is key for your success, no services

12:14 can be delivered without a robust and scalable IP Service Fabric,

12:18 which is at the core of juniper' s business.

12:22 Andrew will now review the innovations that we' re bringing in our scalable

12:26 IP transport, and the Juniper network operating system NOS.

12:30 Andrew, take it away.

12:32 -Thanks, Mats.

12:34 That is great to know that we can precisely measure service

12:37 quality end-to-end and between various network domains.

12:41 I am sure that our customers will see the importance of this new

12:44 capability that we have added to our automated way and portfolio.

12:48 In summary, Paragon automation, when coupled with our industry-leading

12:53 routing portfolio, can truly differentiate your WAN services

12:57 and simplify your network operator experience.

13:00 It will allow you to automate device software upgrades,

13:04 implement zero-touch deployment and provisioning,

13:07 provide operations with real service quality measured on the data plane,

13:12 find root causes of issues automatically and implement closed-loop assurance.

13:18 Most importantly, it sets us up to allow you to execute

13:21 on cross-domain use cases, such as network slicing for 5G and converged

13:27 wireline and wireless use cases such as FWA and WWC.

13:32 We are truly excited for you to get your hands on Paragon automation

13:36 to see how we can augment your network operations

13:38 for an assured service experience.

13:41 Let' s now talk about our next-generation WAN routing portfolio.

13:45 As we have seen a massive evolution in the requirements of next-generation

13:49 Metro networks driven by distribution of content, peering, edge cloud,

13:54 and 5G needs, we have revamped our product

13:57 offerings targeted for this part of the network.

14:00 To help address these needs, we have introduced our cloud Metro solution

14:04 built on the principles of a scalable IP fabric,

14:07 service intelligence, and automation.

14:10 These systems run on our carrier-class Juniper Network Operating System

14:14 and support full-timing capabilities at bandwidth rates

14:18 that will grow with your customer needs.

14:20 You can see the evolution of our ACX portfolio

14:23 to directly address those needs.

14:25 We are now shipping a small form factor system,

14:28 the ACX 710, which is a hardened 320 gig system.

14:33 Excellent for both wireline and 5G mobile applications.

14:37 We' re also introducing 2-1RU 4.8T aggregation systems,

14:42 which are perfect for Metro scale-up and scale-out architectures.

14:47 Whatever your Metro needs are, whether in the access,

14:50 the pre-aggregation, or aggregation parts of your network,

14:54 we have the most cost-effective and flexible systems to help you build it.

14:58 The next evolution we' re driving is on our most popular platform

15:02 in the company, adopted by thousands of customers worldwide.

15:06 We have brought you 400GE and dense 100GE interfaces

15:09 on the MX960 and MX2000, with MPC10 and MPC11 respectively.

15:16 Now, we are extending our market presence with the densest and most

15:19 flexible Multi-Service Edge system that combines the power of our Trio A6,

15:25 Juniper Network Operating System and an 800GE ready series

15:29 of chassis that will future-proof your service Edge needs for years.

15:33 The Trio A6 are the most flexible network processing chips on the planet

15:38 and of coin and term agility for the unknown and how they can handle

15:41 literally any service offering thrown at them.

15:44 We have now scaled that up with our MX10000

15:48 product family which enables you with an 800GE ready

15:51 system for all your bandwidth and service Edge needs.

15:55 Finally, I would like to discuss our Juniper PTX core

15:58 product line that is gaining incredible traction globally.

16:02 With our next-generation custom Triton-Silicon, we' re offering some

16:06 of the densest most power-efficient core and curing systems on the planet.

16:11 Unique in this space is our filter, counter, and statistics capabilities

16:15 allowing us to offer both density and visibility to our customers.

16:20 We offer the ability to deliver on scale up and scale out

16:23 core architectures,

16:25 from single-pane to multi-pane designs

16:27 in a variety of form factors and densities.

16:30 Again, these are 800GE-ready systems and offer some of the most

16:35 future-proof technology on the planet to scale your networks forward.

16:39 Our latest system and network automation innovations are built to deliver

16:43 service quality at scale and allow you to lead with differentiated

16:47 service experience in your respective markets.

16:51 One excellent illustration which highlights what you can achieve

16:54 with Juniper Networks is the service assured transport slicing use case.

16:59 By combining Juniper Automated WAN technologies, you will not only be

17:03 able to deliver a massively scalable IP transport

17:07 across the Metro, Edge, and Core,

17:09 you will also be able to rapidly deploy

17:11 and support next-generation services for your customers.

17:15 If you start with next-generation offerings

17:17 across our ACX in the Metro, the MX in the Edge,

17:21 and PTX in the Core of the network for unprecedented bandwidth,

17:25 logical scale, and system visibility in your transport,

17:29 you can then also layer on the full suite of Junos features

17:33 that will enable you to guarantee transport slicing,

17:35 performance and per-hop QoS behavior in a very protocol-agnostic approach.

17:41 Finally, you can then leverage our Paragon Automation Suite to enable

17:46 you to deliver slice-aware service provisioning,

17:50 slice-aware path placement,

17:52 and then slice-aware active assurance and health checks.

17:56 This is just one example of how in combining all over Juniper

18:00 Automated WAN solutions, you can offer a powerful closed-loop assured

18:05 next-generation service for your customers.

18:08 As you can see, we have thought through the end-to-end

18:10 aspects of how our customer service needs are evolving

18:14 and how the market inflection points are

18:16 requiring us to evolve and update our portfolio.

18:20 Thank you.

18:22 We look forward to working with you and partnering

18:24 on Experience-First networking in the WAN.

18:28 [music]

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