Pierre-Louis Biaggi, Senior VP, Orange Business Services

Juniper Networks and Orange Business Services

Pierre-Louis Biaggi
Pierre-Louis Biaggi, Senior VP, Orange Business Services talking in a video about how Juniper helps Orange meet customers' changing IT service needs.

Digital transformation is now.

Orange Business Services is a global IT and communications services provider helping companies effectively collaborate, operate, and engage with customers. Watch this video to learn how Orange Business Services is able to rapidly respond to customer needs by delivering innovative service creation with Juniper NFV solutions.

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You’ll learn

  • How customer needs are changing in the industry

  • How Orange Business Services is achieving its mission to assist its enterprise customers in digital transformation 

  • How the IT provider partnered with Juniper to provide firewalling, load balancing, and web content filtering in a virtualized mode

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Pierre Biaggi Headshot
Pierre-Louis Biaggi
Senior VP, Orange Business Services
Franck Morales Headshot
Franck Morales
VP Marketing, Internet & Data Network, Orange Business


0:05 within the orange group Orange Business

0:08 Service is in charge of serving the

0:10 enterprise market on a worldwide basis

0:13 from SMB to large national companies the

0:17 mission over lunch business service is

0:19 to be the trusted partner of the digital

0:22 transformation of our customers in our

0:27 business as an operator and digital

0:29 transformation is now our customers

0:31 needs are changing customers want to be

0:34 able to choose in a very short time what

0:37 type of service what type of

0:39 functionality they want in one of their

0:41 sites and that's what we need to give

0:43 them we really want to be their trusted

0:47 partner for this digital transformation

0:49 so we need to provide them with a very

0:53 flexible solution in terms of networks

0:55 to show and to prove that all this could

0:58 work in the real world physical network

1:01 is really a real test in our network of

1:05 Sdn and AV technology today with the

1:12 help of juniper we are heard of the game

1:14 we are offering already a full set of

1:18 services including firewalling load

1:21 balancing and web content filtering in a

1:24 virtualized mode we want something very

1:30 industrialized but they want it only for

1:34 them of they want the only part what

1:39 they are expecting we don't want to have

1:41 a full range of services if they need

1:45 only to contrail is a very good solution

1:50 and on the controller part of all this

1:53 technology

1:54 so it's very important to be able to

1:57 customize in this industry realized

2:00 solution and virtualization is the

2:03 capability to make that each customer

2:05 can order on the service in a few click

2:08 and I'll be delivered in a few minutes

2:14 we have really worked as a one team to

2:18 deliver all this in a very short

2:20 timeframe

2:21 today in our current network Juniper

2:23 solutions helped us to bring the best

2:27 connectivity in the most secure way to

2:30 all our customers I think it's really a

2:32 win-win relationship

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