Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Juniper Paragon Automation: Executive Interview

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Sally Bament, VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks, smiling, sitting in a home office as she talks on video with Brendan Gibbs, VP, Automated WAN Solutions, Juniper about how Paragon improves customer experience.

Service experience is paramount.

Juniper Paragon Automation is a portfolio of cloud-native software applications that delivers closed-loop automation to translate business intent into service performance. The result? Customers receive an assured service experience from start to finish. Tune in as Juniper executives Sally Bament and Brendan Gibbs discuss how the Paragon portfolio can help improve your customers’ service experience.

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You’ll learn

  • Why service experience has become a top strategic priority

  • How Paragon improves the experience for network operators

  • The role automation plays in Experience-First Networking

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Sally Bament Headshot
Sally Bament
VP, Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

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Brendan Gibbs
VP, Automated WAN Solutions, Juniper Networks


00:00 [Music]

00:06 hello everyone and thanks for

00:08 uh joining us today my name is sally

00:10 baymond and i am vice president of

00:12 marketing at juniper networks

00:14 and joining me today is brendan gibbs

00:17 brendan heads up

00:18 our automated one solutions business

00:21 brendan great to see you today

00:23 hi sally how are you doing very good

00:25 thank you so brandon let's start

00:27 with service experience so service

00:30 experience has become

00:32 a top strategic priority for network

00:35 operators globally

00:36 and actually not just service providers

00:38 but also

00:40 enterprise i.t organizations and even

00:42 cloud providers

00:44 why has service experience become so

00:46 important

00:47 and why now more than ever before you

00:50 know i'm

00:51 talking to you now from my house and the

00:54 reason for that is of course the global

00:55 coveted pandemic and i think covet has

00:58 really

00:59 shifted everything in our lives online

01:01 it's made the network

01:02 the focus of everything everything we do

01:05 for work play

01:06 you know family everything for life is

01:09 done on networks now

01:10 and so i think demands on networks are

01:12 even more critical than ever because

01:13 it's the only way that we communicate

01:15 it's the only way that we can connect

01:17 and as a result the services that we

01:19 utilize

01:20 just are under constant scrutiny and

01:23 it's our only way that we can actually

01:25 like i said to communicate with each

01:26 other so

01:28 i think service experience is paramount

01:30 for service providers it's paramount for

01:32 end users and it's something that

01:34 we really need to put at the center

01:36 instead of networks it really needs to

01:38 be around the services on top of the

01:39 networks

01:40 yeah i love it thank you brandon and um

01:42 so obviously you know at juniper

01:44 we we believe that delivering an assured

01:46 experience is one of the top

01:48 you know requirements or most important

01:50 requirements for network operators

01:52 that are delivering services and

01:53 applications to end users

01:55 and and that includes an assured

01:57 experience

01:59 an assured operations experience for

02:01 network operators

02:02 as well as an assured service experience

02:04 for those end users

02:06 um we're referring to that now as

02:08 experience first networking

02:11 can you connect the dots for us between

02:13 automation and how that ties into

02:16 experience first networking

02:18 you know the the question that always

02:20 comes to my mind is how do you know

02:22 if you're a service provider how do you

02:23 know that your server your end users

02:26 are actually able to use your service

02:28 you know and what you

02:29 don't want to do is have a bunch of

02:31 pissed off customers or people flooding

02:33 your helpline

02:34 if you don't know about it first so the

02:36 fundamental question is how do you know

02:38 that the service is up

02:39 how do you know that your customers are

02:41 having just a delightful

02:44 service experience if you don't have an

02:47 ability to

02:48 monitor the service to assure that the

02:50 service is up

02:51 with active checking then you really

02:54 don't know and you're at the

02:55 the you know vagaries of chance you're

02:58 left to

02:59 you know whatever might happen so i

03:01 fundamentally think that

03:02 if service experience is critical and we

03:05 believe it is and it's more critical

03:06 than ever and if the quality of that

03:09 experience is critical so their

03:10 customers stick with you

03:12 because the network is even more

03:14 important to their lives than ever

03:16 then assuring that service availability

03:19 and quality

03:20 is paramount and that means assuring the

03:22 service end-to-end

03:24 that means having linkage of the service

03:26 to the underlying

03:27 network infrastructure and assuring all

03:29 of that networking

03:30 uh yourself so i think without

03:33 service assurance frankly active service

03:36 assurance

03:37 you can't guarantee and you don't have

03:39 any sort of ability to answer that

03:41 fundamental question of

03:42 how do you know and if you don't know

03:44 you you can't ensure

03:46 your customers are happy i love it thank

03:49 you

03:49 thanks brian so so let's talk now about

03:52 juniper's new

03:52 paragon automation portfolio um

03:56 how does it you know help network

03:58 operators not only just differentiate

04:00 themselves

04:01 but also drive some efficiencies in

04:03 terms of operational efficiencies

04:06 absolutely sally you know peregrine has

04:08 a number of components

04:09 we've crafted it around the operator

04:12 life cycle

04:13 for their end-to-end workflow from

04:15 planning and design to online

04:17 configuration

04:18 to active service assurance and

04:20 ultimately to

04:21 operating and analyzing the network

04:23 infrastructure

04:24 so we've got a number of specific

04:26 automation tools some of which include

04:28 paragon planner and pathfinder which

04:31 offer

04:32 a cloud-based mechanism for providers to

04:34 have an

04:35 offline source of truth and planning and

04:37 design function

04:38 as well as an offline control function

04:41 for say segment routing control

04:44 for path finding of lsps and other mpls

04:47 paths through the network

04:49 we also offer an ability to offer end to

04:51 end service provisioning from the cloud

04:53 so this is a great model where uh

04:56 customers can dramatically ease

04:58 their their their costs by simply

05:01 seriously reducing the

05:03 prospect of human error with the ability

05:05 to

05:06 templatize their entire network in data

05:08 models

05:09 multi-vendor open standard based

05:12 yang data models based on open config

05:15 what they can do is they can

05:16 craft a visual workflow of how a service

05:19 model should be deployed where you can

05:21 have

05:22 pre-checks deployment post checks and

05:25 you know updating service ticketing

05:27 systems etc

05:28 it really can give operators a

05:30 significant

05:31 acceleration of how rapidly they're able

05:33 to roll out software upgrades

05:35 how much they're able to improve the

05:37 accuracy

05:38 um and ultimately treat their network

05:41 as code by by you know instantiating all

05:44 that in a very easy to use multi-vendor

05:47 config model

05:48 our third thing we've done is we've

05:49 introduced paragon active assurance

05:52 which came from our acquisition of net

05:54 rounds

05:55 and what active assurance does is it it

05:57 operates

05:59 at the service layer and it monitors the

06:01 end-to-end

06:02 service characteristics whether it be

06:05 jitter

06:06 whether it be latency whether it be

06:08 basic availability

06:10 and it can zoom in to pinpoint any

06:11 particular problems whether it be

06:13 at an end point whether it be a failed

06:16 you know transit path

06:17 whether it be some you know extra

06:18 latency in a public cloud

06:21 giving that extra insights to service

06:23 characteristics and service quality

06:26 is so important for operators because it

06:28 fundamentally helps them identify

06:30 first of all as the service is up at all

06:33 or and if the service is up is are there

06:36 end users actually having good quality

06:38 or not

06:38 so active assurance really speaks to

06:41 helping operators

06:42 first of all deliver a delightful

06:45 quality of experience to their own

06:46 customers but ultimately reduce their

06:48 own costs to operate that service as

06:50 well

06:51 and then another aspect of the the

06:53 peregrine portfolio is frankly paragon

06:55 insights

06:56 where we're able to take the reams of

06:59 data that we're ingesting from the

07:00 network whether it be from streaming

07:02 telemetry

07:03 off of all of a routed infrastructure or

07:05 the service layer data insights from

07:07 paragon active assurance

07:09 and pass that into an analytics engine

07:11 for an ai and ml

07:12 parsing of the data to glean insights

07:15 and once you've actually

07:16 extracted useful data from the massive

07:19 influx of data

07:21 you're able to then take actions upon it

07:23 and so now you start having

07:24 that 360 degree feedback loop where

07:27 operators are

07:28 able to better remediate problems when

07:31 they arise

07:32 they've got accelerated route time to

07:35 resolve those problems

07:36 and you have a means by which you can

07:38 now optimize your network infrastructure

07:40 based upon that analyzed data

07:41 and the ai and ml insights so paragon

07:45 really represents a means by ultimately

07:47 customers can

07:48 deliver that end-to-end assured service

07:51 reducing their costs reducing the the

07:53 impact of human

07:54 error and you know ultimately you know

07:57 making the the network far more easy to

07:59 operate for themselves

08:00 yeah exciting stuff so so tell me um how

08:04 um what differentiates paragon

08:07 automation from some of the other

08:09 automated one solutions that are on the

08:11 market today

08:12 well you know i think a lot of the

08:14 alternates that

08:16 really exist in the market are old so

08:18 one of the things that i said about

08:19 paragon is it's cloud first

08:21 it's cloud delivered some of the

08:24 automation technologies that exist

08:26 from alternate suppliers were delivered

08:28 before the iphone ever shipped

08:30 i mean we're talking not cloud-based

08:32 like these things didn't even

08:34 know what 3g 4g 5g networks were when

08:38 they were delivered

08:39 so what we've done with paragon is

08:41 delivered a fundamentally net new

08:44 architecture that is microservice based

08:46 and it's cloud delivered and what that

08:48 allows

08:48 operators to do is to have very rapid

08:51 introduction

08:52 of these new services the new automation

08:53 tools it delivers in a very

08:56 scalable fashion because it's cloud

08:58 hosted so now you're able to leverage

08:59 the the base kubernetes based scaling

09:02 infrastructure

09:03 um and it's very easy to use so that is

09:06 a key differentiator for us where we

09:08 have the ability to to

09:09 seamlessly scale as operators need and

09:11 deploy as

09:13 they might require whether it's in a

09:14 public cloud offered as a sas offer or

09:16 software as a service

09:18 or it's on their own private cloud on

09:19 their own premise or a combination

09:22 we offer that flexibility and alternate

09:24 options from

09:25 you know alternate suppliers don't even

09:27 have that as a choice

09:29 so that's one option i think another

09:31 option is

09:32 frankly we're unique in the market to

09:34 have the ability to offer active

09:36 service assurance we got this with our

09:38 friends from netron's which is a company

09:40 that we acquired recently

09:42 netron's is the global leader in active

09:44 service assurance and the reason i'm

09:46 focusing so much on the word

09:47 active is it because netron's with its

09:51 cloud-hosted control center and test

09:53 agents distributed throughout the

09:55 networking infrastructure

09:56 operates at the service layer and it

09:59 essentially mimics

10:00 an experience of an end user and so

10:03 without

10:04 actively testing to see whether a

10:06 service is available

10:07 it's analogous to to say like a a phone

10:10 call

10:11 if you're passively you know trying to

10:13 monitor a phone number phone network for

10:15 voice services

10:16 that's looking like looking at a

10:18 telephone sitting on your desk and

10:19 saying

10:20 i think it works that's my phone service

10:22 the difference is an active service

10:24 would be picking up the phone

10:25 making a call and that's what net rounds

10:27 with the uh you know the acquisition

10:29 that our friends from that company

10:30 brings to us with paragon active

10:32 assurance

10:33 it gives us that ability to actively

10:35 interrogate and mimic

10:36 a service to deliver you know constant

10:39 uh knowledge of what that um what that

10:42 service is in

10:43 and the third thing i would highlight is

10:45 service provisioning this is another key

10:47 area for us

10:48 where alternate companies have solutions

10:51 that again are not cloud-based

10:53 um and they don't have an integrated

10:55 workflow to be able to build an

10:57 end-to-end service provisioning model

10:59 for services and the networks

11:00 what you have is from alternate

11:02 suppliers requirements to take multiple

11:04 software tools

11:05 to have some things fundamentally on

11:07 premise something that's fundamentally

11:09 highly manual and difficult to configure

11:12 and that's contrasted with our paragon

11:15 software architecture and software tools

11:17 where we have the ability to deliver a

11:20 visual workflow build

11:22 a end-to-end service construct that's

11:24 very easy to craft

11:25 with a visual workflow builder and

11:27 service provisioning template builder

11:29 and deploy all that from the cloud so

11:31 you could not have a larger difference

11:33 between what juniper is offering whether

11:35 it's paragon

11:36 cloud delivered suite and the offline

11:38 old world

11:39 network management tools recast as

11:41 so-called automation

11:43 that's fantastic well listen thank you

11:45 brandon thanks for your time

11:47 uh thanks for thank you to everyone

11:49 who's uh

11:50 viewing today i do want to just uh say a

11:53 couple of quick things if you want to

11:55 learn more

11:56 about paragon automation and juniper's

11:59 automation solutions

12:01 i definitely want to encourage you to go

12:02 to

12:04 backslash paragon automation

12:07 register there and you can access demos

12:10 you can get

12:11 product updates and a wealth of more

12:14 wealth more information on the paragon

12:17 automation suite

12:18 so thank you and thanks everyone for

12:20 your time today thank you

12:24 [Music]

12:33 you

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