Sharon Mandell, CIO & EVP, Juniper Networks

Discovery, Inc. Meets a Tenfold Increases in Bandwidth Demand

Global Summit WAN
Sharon Mandell

How Discovery, Inc. accelerated bandwidth and innovation.

Like many media companies, Discovery, Inc. is undergoing massive change—all while trying to deliver quality content to as many people as it can, on as many platforms as possible. By making the WAN core to its business, Discovery, Inc. was able to keep up with a tenfold increase in bandwidth demand.

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You’ll learn

  • What makes the WAN at Discovery, Inc. unique

  • What kind of data center is required to provide 220 countries with entertainment

  • How Discovery, Inc. scales their business model

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Sharon Mandell
Sharon Mandell
CIO & EVP, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Brian Duvall
Brian Duvall
VP, Network Platform, Discovery, Inc.