Mathias Kokot, VP, Cloud-Ready Data Center, Juniper Networks

Innovating with Europe's Largest Telecommunications Provider, Deutsche Telekom | Juniper Summit

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An innovative spirit strengthens networks and partnerships.

Deutsche Telecom and Juniper have a long history of working together to develop and deploy innovative telecom networking solutions at the core, edge, data center, and telco cloud. Tune into this interview with Christoph Hilz, Head of Voice & Messaging at Deutsche Telecom to hear how the partnership has evolved over the years.

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You’ll learn

  • How the COVID pandemic demonstrated the importance of a high-availability, scalable, and robust network

  • How increased network automation provides more value to Deutsche Telecom’s customers

  • Lessons learned from Deutsche Telecom’s digital transformation

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Mathias Kokot Headshot
Mathias Kokot
VP, Cloud-Ready Data Center, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Christophe Hilz Headshot
Christoph Hilz
Head of Voice & Messaging, Deutsche Telekom