Sally Bament, VP of Cloud and Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks

Predictions 2022: Metro Networks, Hyperscalers, Open RAN

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Image showing speaker Sally Bament, VP of Cloud and Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks on the left. On the right, the text says, “PREDICTIONS 2022: METRO NETWORKS, HYPERSCLALERS, OPEN RAN.”

What does 2022 hold for network professionals? Find out here.

Juniper’s Sally Bament shares her top three tech predictions for 2022 in this short video. We’ve listed them below, but watch to learn more about what these predictions mean for the future of the network — and why these are her top three picks. 

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You’ll learn

  • Prediction 1: Metro network will begin a transformation 

  • Prediction 2: Hyperscalers and service providers will refine their relationships

  • Prediction 3: Open RAN will continue its move forward 

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Sally Bament Headshot
Sally Bament
VP of Cloud and Service Provider Marketing, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:07 hello everyone my name is sally baymond

0:09 i am vice president of marketing at

0:11 juniper networks

0:13 top predictions for 2022

0:16 well if i were to pick my let's say top

0:18 three

0:19 this is probably what they would be

0:22 number one

0:23 metro networks will begin this much

0:25 needed transformation and will play a

0:28 much much more critical role in helping

0:31 service providers deliver

0:33 profitable innovative and new services

0:37 it is the place or is becoming the place

0:40 where network connectivity

0:42 hosting efficiency and service

0:44 personalization and service experience

0:47 really really do converge and we'll see

0:50 network operators move away from the

0:52 traditional siloed architectures of the

0:54 past

0:55 to refresh designs focused more on

0:58 service experience coupling

1:00 ipconnectivity

1:03 with hosted elements and hosted content

1:06 along with

1:07 security and obviously automation as

1:10 well

1:12 secondly

1:13 number two

1:15 we're going to see hyperscalers and

1:16 service providers really continue to

1:19 refine their relationships

1:22 um obviously coopertition between

1:24 the cloud hyper scalers and service

1:26 providers reached a whole new level uh

1:28 in 2021 particularly with microsoft's

1:31 acquisition of 18t's network cloud and

1:34 then 18t moving their 5g mobile network

1:38 to azure

1:39 but it won't be about one-offs and

1:42 experimentation anymore i mean we all

1:44 know hyperscalers are all in on type on

1:46 telco

1:47 but to level that playing field and

1:50 really even tip the balance a little bit

1:52 of power and control

1:54 we'll see service providers learn adapt

1:56 and evolve their cloud capabilities to

1:59 develop their own unique solutions

2:02 that take advantage of their vast

2:05 network real estate advantage

2:08 you know surely they're going to partner

2:09 and they will need to partner but we'll

2:11 also see them employ a dual strategy of

2:14 partner and build

2:16 developing their own in-house cloud

2:18 native platforms and their expertise

2:21 really to maintain control while also

2:24 you know developing

2:26 balanced and symbiotic relationships

2:28 with the hyperscalers

2:30 to achieve both near-term as well as

2:32 long-term success

2:34 and then thirdly open ran

2:36 you know we're going to see open rand

2:38 continue its march forward

2:40 the industry has seen major strides this

2:43 past year

2:45 but we're going to see it become much

2:46 more

2:47 uh focused on the ecosystem play

2:50 um next year we expect to see new

2:53 ecosystem vendor ecosystems emerge

2:56 and we'll see existing ones expand to

2:58 include more vendors and we'll see

3:00 vendors sort of hedging their bets and

3:02 participating in multiple of these

3:04 ecosystems

3:06 but from an operator perspective

3:08 we'll see them define their own

3:10 strategies invest in open run

3:13 initiatives

3:14 and we'll also see

3:16 the move from lab trials to the field

3:20 and to early use cases

3:22 particularly the tier one service

3:24 providers

3:26 so

3:26 those would be my top three predictions

3:30 for 2022 and happy new year to everyone

3:33 thank you

3:36 [Music]

3:48 you

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