Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist 

ServiceNow’s Perspective on Customer Experience

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Headshot - Blake Morgan
Side-by-side photographs of host Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist, and Chris Bedi, CIO of ServiceNow, as they discuss ServiceNow’s perspective customer experience.

How ServiceNow walks-the-talk when it comes to customer satisfaction

ServiceNow Chris Bedi, CIO of ServiceNow, says his company strives to “be our own best customer.” Find out what that means, and hear how the ServiceNow and Juniper collaboration is delivering strategic solutions and quality of experience for employees and shared customers worldwide.

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You’ll learn

  • How ServiceNow makes the world of work, work better for people 

  • How the Juniper and ServiceNow partnership benefits ServiceNow employees and customers 

  • How Juniper AI technology has driven a 90% reduction in issues reported by ServiceNow employees on wireless 

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Headshot - Blake Morgan
Blake Morgan
Customer Experience Futurist

Guest speakers

Headshot - Chris Bedi
Chris Bedi
CIO of ServiceNow