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The title slide from the video is shown. It’s a black background with the words “THE FEED” written in bold and all caps in white. The Juniper logo is in the upper left-hand corner. There are three different sets of fluorescent green lines in the background that are meant to look like Wifi technology signals or something similar.

Let The Feed take you to the hottest topics and news from around the networking world

The Feed is your front row seat to all the latest computer networking news, ideas, expert opinions, and other informational content.  Churning out the hottest, most sought-after topics in the industry –– all broken down into bite-size pieces and available on-demand right at your fingertips! Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. 

Put all your burning questions out there and have them answered by network experts in our “Ask Me Anything” series. Just want to listen? “Learning Bytes” delivers tips and instructions about must-have features and functions of Juniper equipment and technology. Our “Industry Voices” series taps into the latest assessments and networking trends from industry leaders all over the world. Have related info you want to share? The Feed also accepts submissions from anyone with valid content to offer. 

From podcasts and webinars to product demos and instructional videos, The Feed strives to curate only the best, up-to-date content from all over the industry. 

Are you in, or are you in? 

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You’ll learn

  • Latest computer networking trends, analysis, and assessments

  • Newest equipment, specifications, and functions

  • Use cases, virtual labs, and demos

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 did you read a white paper today

0:02 probably not hey white papers are great

0:05 and thorough

0:06 but if you need information that's easy

0:08 to find and quick to digest you need the

0:12 feed

0:13 it's the place to visit for the best

0:15 industry ideas trends and perspectives

0:19 the feed has answers ideas

0:23 expert opinions

0:24 the feed curates the best content from

0:26 all over the industry even from you

0:30 that's right we want you on the feed the

0:33 most compelling content destination in

0:35 networking

0:39 all the hot topics all the cool tools

0:42 and snack sized formats

0:46 demos podcasts industry luminaires

0:49 streaming when you need it and when you

0:51 want it

0:53 so take a spin around the feed and get

0:55 inspired

0:56 and if you still want that white paper

0:58 we'll hook you up

1:02 [Music]

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