Patrick MeLampey, Founder of 128 Technology and Juniper Fellow

Zero Carbon Computing: A Carbon-First Approach

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The still image is the title slide. It features the title of the presentation in black on a white background. It reads, “Zero Carbon Computing –– A Carbon First Approach. Distinguished Speaker Series with Juniper Networks. Host Patrick MeLampey, Founder of 128 Technology and Juniper Fellow. The Juniper logo is in the upper right corner.

Prashant Shenoy on the path to “true zero” carbon and how to get there.

In this edition of Juniper’s Distinguished Speaker Series, we welcome Prashant Shenoy of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Prashant’s talk focuses on the issues of sustainability and climate change, specifically related to zero-carbon computing. The exponential growth of computing infrastructure requires aggressive energy optimization moving forward, Prashant says. The road to true zero carbon is going to be hard, he admits, but there are ways the computing industry can get there. Learn more in this highly informative presentation. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why we need to design systems that are both energy efficient and carbon efficient 

  • How much carbon emissions future cloud workloads are expected to generate (hint: it’s a lot) 

  • Why both supply- and demand-side methods will be necessary to reach “true zero” emissions, and how to monitor your infrastructure’s carbon usage 

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Patrick Melampy Headshot
Patrick MeLampey
Founder of 128 Technology and Juniper Fellow

Guest speakers

Prashant Shenoy Headshot
Prashant Shenoy
Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean at University of Massachusetts Amherst