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 Screenshot image is of the Marvis demo. It shows the Marvis virtual assistant screen as it is changing from one screen to another, so you can’t really make out any of the text. It’s part of the demo showing how you can ask Marvis a question.

Marvis is the virtual assistant your network needs. 

No time to dig through data? No worries. Just ask Marvis, the first AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) service that transforms how IT teams interact and engage with enterprise networks. Watch how Marvis can help you easily troubleshoot issues in this demo. Register for the full demo and learn more about how Marvis can help you run your network more easily and efficiently.

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You’ll learn

  • How easy it is to use Marvis to find out more about an issue 

  • How Marvis can help save you some troubleshooting headaches 

  • How you can learn more about Marvis and what it can do for your network 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:04 one thing i i like to show as well is

0:06 what you can do is

0:08 for instance you saw that there were

0:10 vlan problems or something like that in

0:12 this case you could pop over to marvis

0:14 if you don't want to dig through a lot

0:15 of this data you can just ask a simple

0:18 question something like you know which

0:22 switch

0:24 is

0:25 missing

0:29 freelance and live

0:31 demo

0:32 in this case it's just going to point us

0:34 directly to marvis actions which happens

0:36 to have a missing vlan um tab and that's

0:38 one of the things that we look for it'll

0:41 show us right here that's uh inside of

0:43 live demo which is the site we're in

0:44 we've got a couple switches um and these

0:47 two aps are actually missing vlans so

0:51 we can click here we can take a look and

0:52 we see the ld kitchen and this specific

0:55 ap they're missing three vlans on that

0:57 specific port and we can go in and we

0:58 can resolve that pretty quickly

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