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Service Management and Orchestration Unlocking the True Potential of Open RAN

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Side-by-side photographs of Gabriel Brown, host of Light Reading, and guest Constantine Polychronopoulos, VP 5G and Cloud Networking, Juniper Networks, as they discuss service management and orchestration unlocking the true potential of Open RAN.   Host Name – Gabriel Brown, Light Reading

Interview: What’s happening with Open RAN, SMO, and RIC

As Juniper goes all in on its efforts to bring openness and innovation to a traditionally closed-off part of the network, join this discussion with Juniper’s Constantine Polychronopoulos to learn about the key considerations and success factors for Open RAN Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) and RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) implementation.

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You’ll learn

  • Why Juniper is active in Open RAN 

  • What Juniper is expecting RIC will deliver for operators

  • How the RIC will allow operators to offer network slicing

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Gabriel Brown Headshot
Gabriel Brown
Light Reading

Guest speakers

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Constantine Polychronopoulos
VP 5G and Cloud Networking, Juniper Networks