Maximizing the 5G Opportunity: Trailblazing for the next decade of services

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Side-by-side photographs of Raj Yavatkar, CTO, Juniper Networks, and the unnamed host as they talk about 5G opportunities. 

5G has changed everything. More changes are coming 

What’s beyond 5G? Find out as Juniper CTO Raj Yavatkar shares his thoughts about 5G’s progress so far, and how technology and business models need to evolve now to prepare for the next decade of network technology — or risk getting left behind. 

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You’ll learn

  • How 5G networks are becoming a platform for innovation 

  • The ways Juniper is actively deploying new network designs

  • The important implications of a disaggregated open network

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Raj Yavatkar Headshot
Raj Yavatkar
CTO, Juniper Networks