ACX7100 Series

Emerging 5G, IoT, and low-latency virtualized edge services offer network operators a transformational opportunity to deliver new applications and services efficiently and securely at cloud scale. The ACX7100 Series sets new benchmarks for capacity, density, and low latency in the ACX family of access and aggregation routers. 

ACX7100 platforms deliver 4.8 Tbps of ASIC forwarding capacity in an energy-efficient 1 U footprint. They bring port speed flexibility of 10GE to 400GE services to metro, enterprise, and data center use cases supporting ZR and ZR+ pluggable transceivers, the latest protocol and traffic engineering technologies, and advanced timing capabilities.

The ACX7100-32C is ideal for secure, high-end service aggregation, with 32 100GE ports, 4 400GE ports, and MACsec on all ports. The ACX7100-48L is ideal for service aggregation throughout your network, with cloud-scale-inspired port speed variety (10GE, 25GE, 50GE, and 6 ports of 400GE).

Key Features

Form factor

1U, with 23.42 inches (59.49 cm) depth


Up to 4.8 Tbps

Features + Benefits

Supports all Services on a Single Platform

An integral part of a Juniper Cloud Metro solution, offering converged, virtualized, and automated architectures designed for the 5G, IoT, and cloud era. 

MACsec with AES-256

ACX7100-32C supports IEEE 802.11ae MACsec with AES-256 for link-layer data confidentiality, data integrity, and data origin authentication on all ports.

Packet Optical Convergence

Integration of QSFP56-DD pluggable optics and 400ZR/ZR+ pluggable transceiver technology enables configuration on a port-by-port basis between grey client interfaces (400GbE LR4) for shorter distances and coherent DWDM interfaces (400ZR/ZR+) for longer distances and transport over active optical line systems.

One Junos Experience

Built around Junos OS Evolved, you get the same consistent behavior, automation, and advanced programmability found across Juniper’s portfolio.


DQE Communications expands regional network to meet growing digital needs from 5G to local libraries

Regional service providers like DQE Communications have a home-team advantage, with a nuanced understanding of local needs plus the agility to react quickly. DQE, which serves Western Pennsylvania, moved swiftly to expand its metro network services to meet the digital needs of customers from public libraries to nationwide mobile carriers. 

DQE Communications Hero

ACX Series Network Routers

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Front with Top low view of ACX Series 7100 Router

The ACX7100 Series are high-capacity, high-density, low-latency routing and switching platform that provide up to 4.8 Tbps of throughput and 10GE to 400GE services in 1 U. Ideal for metro and data center applications.

Technical Features
Form factor

1U, with 23.42 inches (59.49 cm) depth


Up to 4.8 Tbps

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Front with Top view of ACX Series 5448 Router

The ACX5400 Series of 1U routers provide power-efficient metro aggregation and support full IP/MPLS functionality. They deliver the performance required for efficient 1/10GbE-to-100GbE metro aggregation, MACsec security, and packet-optical convergence.

Technical Features
  • Up to 48 1GbE or 10GbE ports
  • Up to 6 100GbE ports
  • MEF CE 2.0-certified
  • MACsec encryption
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