Brad Tallman, SVP Supply Chain Operations, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks Honored as a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader for 2021

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Screenshot of host Brad Tallman, SVP Supply Chain Operations, Juniper Networks.

Our environmental record is a source of great pride — and the best is yet to come.

Juniper is thrilled to be selected as a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader for 2021. In this video, Juniper’s Brad Tallman shares what the company has done to warrant this recognition, and how we are leading the industry in driving higher environmental standards throughout the supply chain. 

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You’ll learn

  • Who CDP is and why this honor is important 

  • The timeline Juniper has set for making our operations carbon-neutral 

  • How Juniper is reducing environmental risks in our supply chain

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Brad Tallman Headshot
Brad Tallman
SVP Supply Chain Operations, Juniper Networks


0:03 hi

0:04 i'm brad tallman senior vice president

0:07 of supply chain operations here at

0:08 juniper networks

0:14 cdp is a non-profit organization that

0:16 runs the global disclosure system for

0:18 entities to manage their environmental

0:20 impacts

0:21 and juniper is honored to be selected on

0:24 its 2021 supplier engagement leaderboard

0:28 juniper's mission is to power

0:30 connections and empower change

0:32 to be a responsible global citizen and

0:34 influence meaningful differences in the

0:36 world around us

0:38 in everything we do we act with a

0:40 commitment to our customers our

0:42 employees our partners and the planet

0:45 as a company we have pledged to be

0:47 carbon neutral for our operations by

0:49 2025

0:51 that's why we are honored to be

0:52 recognized as a top climate change

0:54 champion by cdp

0:56 we embrace our leadership role driving

0:59 higher standards ensuring that our own

1:02 actions cascade positive environmental

1:04 action throughout our global supply

1:06 chain

1:07 as a company that enables connections we

1:10 deeply understand the power of us

1:12 only together can we achieve the speed

1:14 and scale required to avert

1:16 environmental crisis

1:23 we recognize that some of our greatest

1:25 environmental social and laborists lie

1:28 within our supply chain

1:29 juniper maintains a responsible sourcing

1:32 program that guides our engagement with

1:33 suppliers from the time we select and

1:36 vet them through the onboarding process

1:38 and throughout the entire life cycle

1:41 we work with partners who support and

1:43 share our values as well as our business

1:45 objectives

1:47 when it comes to managing climate change

1:48 within the supply chain first and

1:50 foremost we're tackling emissions

1:52 resulting from our suppliers operations

1:54 we are actively engaged with our

1:56 suppliers and expect them to measure

1:59 disclose and reduce their greenhouse gas

2:01 emissions

2:02 we are continuously looking for

2:04 collaborative opportunities with our

2:05 suppliers that are mutually beneficial

2:09 innovating our packaging designs to

2:11 reduce weight and waste

2:13 reducing the transit distance from for

2:15 products to go from to customers to

2:17 repair centers as well as putting back

2:19 on the market juniper certified

2:21 refurbished warranty products

2:23 these are just some of the many ways we

2:25 look to transform the world to a more

2:27 sustainable future

2:34 i invite you to explore juniper

2:36 solutions so we can help you along our

2:39 joint path of sustainability

2:41 after all we're all in this together

2:47 [Music]

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