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British Telecom’s Partnership with Juniper Networks

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Headshot - Blake Morgan
Side-by-side photographs of host Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist, and Neil McRae, Managing Director of Architecture, British Telecom Group, as they discuss British Telecom’s partnership with Juniper Networks.

Why British Telecom sticks with Juniper Networks

British Telecom’s Neil McRae understands how much customers depend on their phones, whether at a baseball game or in the office. Here, McRae explains how Juniper helps BT create a reliable network experience and seamless digital journey for customers.  

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You’ll learn

  • Why British Telecom chose to work with Juniper Networks above all others 

  • How Juniper technology platforms help improve the user experience for BT customers

  • How BT architects the network to reduce complexity in the face of changing customer expectations

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Headshot - Blake Morgan
Blake Morgan
Customer Experience Futurist

Guest speakers

Neil McRae Headshot
Neil McRae
Managing Director of Architecture, British Telecom Group
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