Session Smart Networking Demo: Instant Failover

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A slide from the video showing network traffic failing over to another pathway. The text says, “Instant failover with Session Smart Neworking.”

No tunnels, no delays: Experience instant failover with Juniper Networks.

Say goodbye to network hiccups! Juniper Networks Session Smart Router uses AI to automatically reroute traffic around outages, keeping your critical applications running smoothly. See how it works in this video, from instant failover to cost-saving efficiency. No more dropped connections, just seamless productivity.

Learn more about Juniper Networks AI-driven SD-WAN.

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You’ll learn

  • How the Juniper Session Smart Router instantly fails over using to its tunnel-free SD-WAN protocol Secure Vector Routing (SVR)

  • How tunnel-free failover delivers instant connection recovery, without the lag of traditional tunnel backups

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:04 Juniper session smart networking

0:05 solution proactively responds to

0:07 failures to preserve the user experience

0:10 this is possible due to intelligent

0:12 session-based routing and a tunnel free

0:14 network architecture failover in

0:17 tunneled environments can be slow as

0:19 latent secondary tunnels can take a long

0:22 time to set up for latency sensitive

0:24 traffic such as video conferencing even

0:27 a fewc delay can cause serious

0:29 interruptions to the user experience to

0:31 avoid this a hot standby tunnel can be

0:34 established but this is expensive to

0:36 maintain with junur tunnel free session

0:39 smart networking if traffic is not

0:41 meeting slas routers will instantly

0:44 migrate traffic from a primary to a

0:46 secondary path ensuring there is no

0:48 disruption to the end user experience

0:51 Let's test it out here we have a team's

0:53 call with a colleag the call is

0:55 connected over a primary MLS path let's

0:59 break the L link and see what happens

1:01 with session smart networking the call

1:03 is failed over to a secondary Broadband

1:06 path and the call Quality is maintained

1:09 with tunnel free session intelligent

1:11 routing Juniper's session smart

1:12 networking can help you improve

1:14 application performance and save

1:22 costs

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