Bill Carbeau, Sr. Key Account Manager, Juniper Networks

Session Smart Networking Customer Wins with Sales Leaders Tim Lieto and Bill Carbeau

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Side-by-side video capture of Tim Lieto, Juniper Sales Direct and Bill Carbeau, Juniper Sr. Key Account Manager.

Bill vs. Tim: Who wins when it comes to delivering for customers?

Watch as Juniper’s Bill Carbeau and Tim Lieto attempt to one up each other as they discuss key customer wins they had at 128 Technology, which is now part of Juniper Networks. From decreasing customers’ network congestion to saving them millions of dollars, discover how they delivered for their customers. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Bill helped a customer easily integrate other companies they acquired into the network

  • How Tim helped a customer with 500 locations deliver WAN transformation across challenging connectivity environments

  • How Juniper brings the experience, knowledge, and technology needed to deliver an unrivaled network experience for your organization 

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Bill Carbeau headshot
Bill Carbeau
Sr. Key Account Manager, Juniper Networks
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Tim Lieto
Sales Director, Juniper Networks


0:04 Hi, I'm Bill Carbeau, Senior Key account manager with Juniper Networks.

0:07 Hello, my name is Tim Lieto, I'm a sales director here at Juniper Networks and we're here to

0:12 talk to you about some of the key customer wins we had at 128 Technology, now a part

0:16 of Juniper Networks.

0:17 Bill, what are some of the key wins that you experienced in your time here?

0:21 So, Tim you know the thing I like to do most is beat Cisco.

0:24 So, one of my first customers that I've worked with here, a financial services company based

0:30 in the Northeast U.S. with over 150 locations, they've been working with Cisco for a very

0:35 long time, and they got what we like to call Cisco Fatigue

0:39 Cisco wasn't servicing the account very well.

0:41 They weren't bringing them a lot of innovation.

0:43 They met up with us.

0:44 They saw a great new product, a great new solution.

0:47 They saw a road map to the future.

0:50 One of their big challenges was really integrating other companies as they acquired, and so in

0:55 terms of from a networking perspective, how they could integrate those companies faster.

0:58 More seamlessly was one of the things that they look to our solution for.

1:03 As well, just you know, a great road map towards the future.

1:05 You got anything that can beat that.

1:07 Well, you mentioned 150 locations, but I got one that can beat it.

1:11 How about a 500 location customer that was focused on delivering WAN transformation across

1:16 some of the most challenging connectivity environments across the globe?

1:20 And for them it was about delivering securely and reliably their applications across things

1:24 like SATCOM, LTE, microwave, all sorts of different transports.

1:28 And additionally, they are focused around the software element of our solution and how

1:32 they could package it and deploy the Session Smart Router in a various amount of form factors,

1:37 whether it be a bare metal appliance, as a container, as a virtual machine in hyper converged

1:43 infrastructure.

1:44 So, they took our solution.

1:45 Also beat Cisco.

1:47 And deployed in a bunch of different ways.

1:50 You know, the only thing I like more than beating Cisco is beating my colleagues.

1:54 So yeah, actually, I've got a customer that was ten times the size of your customer, so

1:58 5000 locations.

2:00 A national retailer in the automotive space that again was looking for an SD-WAN solution

2:06 so they could save money on connectivity they had dual MPLS providers.

2:09 They were looking to move towards a single MPLS with broadband as another solution.

2:14 With the same type of reliability, they got from the dual MPLS solution, but at a lower

2:18 cost, and we were able to help them save $30 million over the life of the contract.

2:22 Their other major challenge was that a lot of their business was still over the phone,

2:26 and they wanted to make sure that when they call into one of their stores

2:29 that their calls would stay up, and the uniqueness of the Juniper SD-WAN solution is its session

2:34 stateful and so when we failover between links all calls stay up and that was critical to

2:40 the success.

2:41 They estimated that at $100 per phone call, if that call was dropped, and so again over

2:47 the life of the contract they estimated that it's $6 million worth of ROI to them.

2:51 So yeah, so I think I got you beat.

2:53 Do you have anything better than that?

2:55 Wow, I might actually.

2:56 I have a customer that is deploying 10,000 Session Smart Routers across their WAN infrastructure

3:02 and for them it was all about scalability and reducing costs while pushing out new and

3:08 innovative digital services out to their branch locations.

3:12 And so, for them it was over, you know 50 to 100 stores a day.

3:15 It was about reducing the cost of their infrastructure by 10s of millions of dollars and taking out

3:21 a network congestion away from their network by the order of magnitude of five terabytes.

3:26 What do you think about that?

3:29 I think I will go back to work, Tim.

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