ServiceNow Network Transformation Starts With Mist AI

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The title slide from the video. In the background is a woman sitting at a desk looking at a computer monitor screen. Over that are the words, “See how and AI-driven network can bring harmony.”

Network transformation starts with Mist AI.

ServiceNow partners with Juniper Networks to transform their network with a next-gen, full-stack wired, wireless, and SD-WAN solution. Join the ServiceNow team as they share their reasons for choosing Juniper and how the partnership has benefited them.

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Guest speakers

Sajeev Nair Headshot
Sajeev Nair
Sr. Director Design and Build Engineering, ServiceNow
Satish Kumar Headshot
Satish Kumar
Sr. Network Manager, ServiceNow
Venkat Lakshminarayanan
VP Infrastructure and Operations, ServiceNow



0:04 service now is an Enterprise workflow

0:05 company if you have a business process

0:08 that can be digitized on our platform

0:10 Network being the critical utility in an

0:12 Enterprise we wanted to make sure that

0:14 we design and build it in such a way

0:17 that it can not just work for us for

0:19 today's needs but also scale for the

0:21 future and also we wanted to be we want

0:24 to build an intelligent Network that can

0:25 self in so which is very critical for us

Why artificial intelligence

0:28 to be able to identify problems before

0:30 it happens and then resolve it before it

0:33 impacts our customers that is why

0:36 artificial intelligence is very

0:37 important to us and it's a great

0:39 partnership we had bringing Marvis into

0:41 our platform because we have our own

0:43 capabilities and marrying this together

0:45 is a great use for us uh to be able to

0:47 predict and prevent problems it is super

0:49 important that we partner with somebody

0:51 where we can be convinced about the end

0:54 to end road map of their switching to

0:57 wireless to the van to The Knack

1:00 everything has to kind of fit in well

1:02 and should be in in harmony so I think

1:04 for us that's what we found with juniper

1:07 and going single stack was a no-brainer

1:09 for us at that point so service now we

Juniper Products

1:12 use um Juniper products that includes

1:15 the M wireless access points jiper ex

1:18 switches jiper SSRS and Marvis these are

1:21 the platforms that we use for jiper full

1:24 stack uh within service now Network

1:27 infrastructure so we have seen the

1:29 significant reduction in the wireless

1:31 issues reported which is almost like a


1:33 90% reduction we also seen the network

1:35 deployment has been significantly

1:37 improved which is almost a 50% uh faster

1:40 deployment bringing up any new office a

1:42 new site so when we plan and move to

1:45 Juniper we are able to avoid 60% of our

1:48 projected spend on the hardware for the

1:50 next 3 years so as part of our service

1:52 of social responsibility we want to

1:54 reduce our carbon footprint so that we

1:56 can have a better future for Our

1:58 Generations with the Trans

1:59 transformation we were actually able to

2:02 remove two racks of equipment and the

2:05 savings will be we will realize as we

2:07 grow when we build as a customer zero

2:10 for service now and integration with a

2:11 partner like Juniper bringing those

2:13 Technologies closer together to solve a

2:15 real world problem it is beneficial for

2:18 our entire user Community it is a great

2:20 partnership we are super excited and and

2:23 also be super excited to be part of the

2:24 Juniper's um AI

2:28 Journey

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