How to Navigate Through Data Center Supply Chain Crisis

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A slide with text that on the left side says, “Juniper Apstra™.” On the right side is a list with three items, all with check marks: * “INTENT BASED NETWORKING, * RELIABLE OPERATIONS, * SCALABLE ARCHITECTURE.”

Wanted: A comprehensive, multi-vendor solution to quell supply chain disruptions

Delays to receiving needed hardware is crushing IT teams as they wait months for simple things like switches. Juniper Apstra™ — a full lifecycle data center network automation solution —  supports users by providing multi-vendor capabilities, guardrails, pre-configuration, and much more.

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You’ll learn

  • The three main effects of supply chain disruptions on IT teams

  • Why you need to go from “just in time” to “just in case”

  • How Juniper Apstra helps IT teams manage their hardware purchases and deployments

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:01 uh the supply chain crisis no one is

0:04 immune from disruption especially in i.t

0:07 and networking

0:09 switches with 12-month lead times that's

0:12 no longer the exception

0:13 that's the rule

0:15 it's impossible to predict when hardware

0:17 will arrive

0:18 for now and honestly for the foreseeable

0:21 future

0:22 so let's see we've got delayed equipment

0:25 costly impacts on quality of service and

0:28 roadblocks to adoption

0:30 fun

0:31 what can you do

0:32 we need to go from just in time to just

0:35 in case

0:36 can't get what you need when you need it

0:39 it's time to plan take stock and

0:41 anticipate with smarter management

0:43 software

0:44 software with a multi-vendor system

0:47 no more being at the mercy of one vendor

0:49 choose who you want based on your

0:51 business and your technological needs or

0:53 based on who can deliver the hardware

0:56 first ahead of time configuration have

1:00 all your data center configured and

1:02 pre-staged before the hardware makes it

1:04 to your doorstep get your precious time

1:06 back

1:08 simplified network architecture grow any

1:11 network element without building a new

1:12 custom network or buying custom hardware

1:15 dang handy in a supply crisis

1:18 one solution provides these benefits

1:21 juniper appstra

1:23 juniper appstra is a full lifecycle data

1:26 center network management and automation

1:28 solution that supports operators through

1:31 all of these challenges

1:32 [Music]

1:33 need to manage a switch from juniper

1:35 cisco arista or dell maybe integrate

1:38 with vmware juniper appstra makes it

1:41 happen

1:42 get the software you need to deploy a

1:43 simplified ip fabric and scale the

1:46 architecture plus the inciting tools

1:48 required to understand capacities and

1:50 thresholds

1:52 you may just make it through this supply

1:54 chain crisis yet

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