Juniper Apstra Demo: Data Center Devices Maintenance with Minimal Downtime and User Impact

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The title slide of the demo is shown. It reads, “Juniper Apstra Demo: Reduce Impact of Hardware Changes; Data Center Devices Maintenance with Minimal Downtime and User Impact.” The words are in black type on a white background, with the Juniper logo at the bottom right and top right. There are two sets of green squiggly lines on either side of the text.

How to swap a data center device with Apstra in less than one minute.

Juniper Apstra is a turnkey, multivendor automation solution that allows you to design, build, deploy, and operate data center networks from a single pane of glass, simplifying and automating data center operations. This short Apstra demo shows how to drain and swap a data center device quickly and reliably with minimal user impact. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to use the amazing TPT server to provision the machines 

  • How to use Blueprint to drain the device 

  • How to make a note, commit the change, and select a new device as a replacement 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:01 [Music]

0:07 this demo will show how appstra allows

0:09 you to swap a device quickly and

0:11 reliably with minimal user impact

0:14 first let's see the list of devices

0:16 available under managed devices

0:20 there are devices ready to be used but

0:22 are not active yet

0:23 in appstro we use our amazing tpt server

0:26 to provision the machines

0:28 simply put the correct code on it and

0:30 get it ready to go for you

0:33 let's go to blueprint

0:35 click on the dc you want to manage

0:44 and then go to devices

0:47 click on assign system ids

0:50 click on the change icon and then drain

0:52 the device

0:55 next this change will be reflected in

0:57 the uncommitted tab that just turned

0:59 yellow waiting for you to review before

1:01 pushing it to the production environment

1:07 here i am going to write a note on what

1:09 i just

1:10 did drain spine 1

1:16 and once the change has been committed

1:18 and pushed live the tab will turn green

1:22 now we wait for the network to

1:24 reconverge

1:25 it'll take just a second

1:27 go back to staged

1:29 click on the devices icon in yellow

1:32 click on change system ids assignments

1:36 then click undeploy

1:38 hit it again

1:40 and from the drop down list you would

1:42 select a new device as replacement

1:46 of course you have to have somebody to

1:48 remove the physical device and swap the

1:50 cables

1:53 [Music]

2:00 you

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