PTX10016 Packet Transport Router Hardware Overview

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The title slide features an illustration of the PTX10016 router on the left side with the title to the right. The title reads, “PTX10016 Packet Transport Router Hardware Overview.” The Juniper logo is shown on the bottom right along with “TechLibrary.”

Add this next-generation router to your hardware wish list.

Start here to learn how the PTX10016 Packet Transport Router brings innovations in physical and virtual environments to the service provider core network. This technologically advanced, modular router effectively handles current traffic requirements, but is also scalable for future traffic cloud and data center demands with a high system capacity in a 21-U platform. Watch this brief overview and see how the PTX10016 can help you achieve your business goals.

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You’ll learn

  • How the PTX10016 router provides cloud and data center operators with the highest levels of scale and throughput

  • How you can deploy the PTX10016 in various network designs and fabrics, including label-switched core routing, IP core, and peering

  • How the PTX10016 delivers superior system performance, up to 230.4 Tbps per chassis, with 16 line-card slots, front-to-back airflow, and base and redundant configurations

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