Andrew Miller, Assistant VP, Network Support, First Bank

First Bank Elevates Client Experiences Through Juniper Networks

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The still image from the video shows a family (mom, dad, and child) standing in a car dealership with what looks like a car salesman talking to them.

You too can deliver better client experiences. Here’s how. 

First Bank, one of the largest family-owned banks in the U.S., has helped  individuals and businesses thrive for more than four generations. To deliver excellent client experiences, the bank relies on a secure Juniper network in its data centers and branches. Listen as First Bank’s Andrew Miller explains how the bank not only strengthened its cybersecurity but also modernized and simplified its entire data center with the help of Juniper. 

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You’ll learn

  • How First Bank was able to implement new technologies with a small team in a short amount of time 

  • How First Bank’s clients benefited from the technology expansion 

  • What’s next for First Bank (hint: it starts with “auto” and ends with “mation”)

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Andrew Miller
Assistant VP, Network Support, First Bank 


0:03 hi my name is andrew miller assistant

0:05 vice president of network support for

0:06 first bank based out of st louis

0:08 missouri we've had a big push for

0:10 efficiency but with a very small team

0:13 we've been able to implement things that

0:15 in the past would have taken a very long

0:18 time and a lot of

0:20 preparation to do that

0:22 and this is also passed on to our

0:24 clients by allowing the bank to expand

0:27 on other technologies in other areas to

0:30 offer them a wider range

0:33 of

0:34 applications and other things that

0:36 clients are demanding we have a very

0:38 small team of three people for over 100

0:41 locations

0:42 these technologies are working

0:45 to reduce the

0:46 labor hours to maintain a network of

0:49 this size what's next for us at this

0:51 point is looking at more ways to now

0:55 integrate all of these tools that we've

0:57 implemented

0:59 with appstra and mist

1:01 and

1:02 really dig into some more of the

1:03 automation that those support in the

1:06 background with the apis and

1:08 other things situated around that

1:17 [Music]

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