Robert Semjon, Head of Data Center Network Operations, T-Systems

Juniper Networks Assists T-Systems in Modernizing Their Data Center

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Isn’t it time you upgraded your data center, too?

T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and a premier cloud provider in Germany, recently modernized its data center networks with Juniper to meet new performance, availability, and scalability requirements for digital transformation and cloud. Here, T-Systems’ Robert Semjon explains how the company’s upgraded data centers are meeting customers’ stringent performance and availability expectations. 

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You’ll learn

  • Why T-Systems chose to partner with Juniper to introduce new technologies 

  • The goals and objectives T-Systems set for working with Juniper 

  • Why automation was a key requirement for T-Systems, and should be for your data center, too. 

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Robert Semjon Headshot
Robert Semjon
Head of Data Center Network Operations, T-Systems


0:03 hi my name is robert simeon i'm the head

0:05 of data center network operations team

0:07 inside of the systems and i'm located in

0:10 kosice in slovakia so we have decided to

0:14 introduce chiliper networks into our

0:17 networks family due to the reason that

0:19 we i have a longer experience with

0:22 juniper not necessarily from the past

0:24 from our land perspective but mostly

0:27 from security perspective but we have

0:29 very rich experience and

0:31 we had very positive experience and

0:33 feedbacks on that so we have also

0:35 decided to go into the land area

0:37 together with juniper in order to

0:39 enlarge

0:40 our software-defined network

0:42 possibilities to be more or more

0:45 software defined ready for our customers

0:48 it is super important to always to

0:51 introduce the best possible technologies

0:54 in order to achieve the highest grade of

0:57 operation state towards our customers

1:00 and in we wanted also to introduce

1:03 new and better technologies to our

1:05 operation teams in order to achieve

1:08 more automation to you know more

1:10 availability more uh experience uh

1:14 within our networks

1:16 together not only with uh juniper

1:18 switches and routers but also

1:21 introducing abstract into our

1:23 environment which we do

1:25 hope in the future very heavily

1:28 uh simplify our network operations and

1:31 also increase our rate of automation in

1:34 day-to-day operations

1:37 [Music]

1:44 [Music]

1:47 you

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