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Automating Data Center Operations: Recent Industry Survey Results

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Still image of Gorkem Yigit from Analysys Mason on the left in a blue shirt with a slide from his presentation that features survey results next to him. There is a yellow text box next to him that says, “The lack of technology standardization and difficulty of justifying an opex-based business case are the main barriers to CSP DC network automation initiatives.” The graph with the results and percentages is to the right. Lack of standardization: 27%; Difficulty in justifying the business case: 23%; Lack of technology maturity: 17%; Lack of the right skillsets: 13%; Change management: 13%; Lack of budget: 7%; Legal/regulatory barriers: 0%; Lack of executive support: 0%; Other: 0%.

Hot off the press: Data center automation survey results

In this short clip from a Roundtable Discussion with Juniper’s Michael Bushong, see the results of the recent Analysys Mason survey of 30 Tier-1 CSPs asking about the barriers and challenges they are facing when it comes to network automation.

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You’ll learn

  • The two major barriers and challenges to data center automation, according to surveyed CSPs

  • Detailed info about the respondents, including region located, operator type, and respondent titles 

  • The percentage of operators saying lack of executive support is a barrier (hint: it’s zero)

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Gorkem Yigit Headshot
Gorkem Yigit
Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason


0:00 over the last six seven months we

0:02 collected a great amount of inputs and

0:04 data

0:05 first through an online survey with 30

0:08 tier one communication service providers

0:10 csps worldwide and we also did five

0:14 additional in-depth phone interviews

0:16 with them according to our survey

0:18 csvs are facing two major barriers that

0:21 are hindering their data center network

0:22 automation investments and the progress

0:25 first it's the lack of technology

0:28 standardization and fragmentation in

0:30 their data centers and the second is the

0:32 difficulty in justifying an opex driven

0:35 business case for automation

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