Top 4 Use Cases for a Zero Trust Data Center

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The screenshot from the video shows a graphic highlighting the Top 4 Use Cases for Zero Trust Data Center. The first graphic shows Data Center WAN Gateway. Number two shows the Intra-Data Center and it has an  illustration of two cSRX clouds with a cloud in the middle that says Juniper Networks CLoud Workload Protection. There are three illustrations of routers at the bottom with a cloud that says Application Infrastructure, Virtual Machines, and Containers. The third graphic in the middle says DC Interconnect/Cloud Connect and has the words MC SPC3 and some boxes underneath and clouds and routers. The fourth graphic is of the Public Cloud and it has a big cloud with company logos from Amazon, Oracle, IBMCloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and also Juniper Networks Cloud Workload Protection.

The top 4 use cases for a Zero Trust Data Center you need to know about.

Juniper’s Zero Trust Data Center keeps applications and microservices secure and distributed across data centers, private clouds, and public cloud environments simultaneously. Watch this short video for four key ways Juniper has you covered.  

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You’ll learn

  • Juniper’s Zero Trust Data Center is loaded with security checkpoints 

  • How the WAN Gateway protects incoming and outgoing traffic 

  • What makes the Juniper Cloud Workload Protection so cutting edge 

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0:00 [Music]

0:06 juniper's xero trust data center has

0:08 four key use cases including data center

0:11 wan gateway intradata center data center

0:14 interconnect in the public cloud juniper

0:17 zero trust data center has security

0:19 checkpoints at every point of connection

0:21 along the way in order to protect the

0:23 data center let's take a quick look at

0:25 these four primary use cases

0:28 data center wan gateway here we have the

0:31 srx series devices that protect the data

0:33 center the srx5ks and srx4ks and

0:36 especially the srx4600

0:38 with security services such as appsec

0:41 idp and so on checking all the incoming

0:43 and outgoing traffic not only to provide

0:46 access but also to look for exploits and

0:48 malware

0:50 intra data centers this use case is

0:52 about macro segmentation and micro

0:54 segmentation with products like the vsrx

0:57 and csrx to control and protect the

0:59 north-south traffic into the servers as

1:01 well as the east-west traffic between

1:03 servers at the application level we have

1:06 cloud workload protection which has

1:08 agents running with the apps providing

1:10 visibility and protection

1:12 [Music]

1:13 data center interconnect this is the

1:15 communication between data centers some

1:18 organizations have a mix of environments

1:20 on premises along with public cloud the

1:22 traffic that goes from cloud to cloud

1:24 has to be protected for this we use

1:27 similar services to the dc wan gateway

1:29 and also leverage the mx series with

1:31 security services such as sec intel

1:34 carrero ddos protection and the spc3

1:37 line cards

1:40 the public cloud use case looks a lot

1:41 like the dc wan gateway or intradc use

1:44 cases but while public clouds provide a

1:47 lot of benefits they don't always have

1:49 the application layer security that's

1:50 needed jupiter's cloud workload

1:52 protection is able to protect

1:54 applications against exploits from

1:56 on-premises to the cloud

2:02 for more information follow the links

2:04 provided below

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