Juniper Apstra: Policy Assurance and Traffic Segmentation for a Zero Trust Data Center

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With Apstra, your network can drive itself. Here’s how.

In this era of increasing distribution and digitization, Juniper Apstra can reliably and securely support your digital business as you grow your network services. Learn more in this short video.

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You’ll learn

  • How Apstra provides intent-based policy assurance for consistent and accurate policy enforcement 

  • How Apstra secures the data center with templates and easy-to-use blueprints 

  • How Juniper Apstra provides top-notch services and traffic segmentation for a zero-trust data center

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 as data and data centers are becoming

0:02 more distributed and while apps and

0:04 processes are becoming digitized faster

0:06 than ever before

0:08 you need to set up new network services

0:11 reliably and securely to support your

0:14 digital

0:14 business juniper appstra is here

0:18 so you can provide top-notch services

0:21 with reliable zero trust security

0:23 protection and across multiple vendors

0:26 vendor agnostic blueprints and templates

0:28 for policy assurance

0:30 traffic segmentation for connectivity

0:32 compliance continuous validation and

0:35 conflict resolution for reliability

0:38 consistent workflow operation

0:40 for efficient day two operations the

0:43 all-in-one tool

0:44 this is juniper abstract reliable simple

0:48 and secure find out more today

0:52  [Music]

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