Mehdi Abdelouahab, Sr. Consulting Engineer, Juniper Networks 

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Slide with an image of a cartoon many peering into a large telescope. The image shows him seeing circles interconnected by lines. The slide’s headline reads, “Why use a Graph model in my network operations?” Bullets say, “* Because it is well suited to model highly connected systems modelling; * Because it is extensible to adapt to new network services modelling; * Because it allows queries that were not anticipated at design time.”

Rethink how you think about data center operations 

With Juniper Apstra it’s possible to automate the entire network lifecycle to simplify design, deployment, and operations, and to provide continuous validation. Learn more about how Apstra can deliver assured experiences for applications and operators in this comprehensive guide from Juniper’s Mehdi Abdelouahab.

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You’ll learn

  • How Apstra can help solve Day 0/1/2 challenges through automation with a unified tool for architects and operators

  • Three reasons why you should use a Graph model for network operations

  • How the Intent Time Voyager helps manage the infrastructure as a whole system, thus increasing agility

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Mehdi Abdelouahab Headshot
Mehdi Abdelouahab
Sr. Consulting Engineer, Juniper Networks