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Advancing SONic for Wider Adoption

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Oct 20, 2021

Meet Your Cloud-Scale Networking Needs with SONiC OS.

Why is Juniper interested in Microsoft Azure’s SONiC, the “software for open networking in the cloud.” Find out in this podcast featuring Yogesh Kumar, Director of Product Management at Juniper. In just 20 minutes you’ll get the full breakdown of Juniper’s commitment to SONiC and learn how the system helps customers innovate faster and easier.

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You’ll learn

  • Why Juniper sees SONiC and disaggregation as an opportunity—not a threat

  • How Juniper is enhancing SONiC and providing full support for SONiC implementation

  • How to optimize SONiC now to take full advantage of its many benefits 

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Chris Lewis Headshot
Chris Lewis
Independent Industry Analyst

Guest speakers

Yogesh Kumar Headshot
Yogesh Kumar
Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks