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Title slide with photograph of people working on laptop computers. Text says, “Data Center,” Contrail Networking,” and “End-to-End Network Policy and Control.” 

“A Juniper makeover, please.” Love, your data center.

A modern, automated data center from Juniper can make your job easier by simplifying the network and giving you more control over it. Watch this short two-minute video to see what you’re missing. 

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You’ll learn

  • How the Juniper Apstra System simplifies designing, deploying, and operating data center networks

  • Why Juniper switches, routers, and platforms stand apart from competitors

  • How your data center can easily adapt to ever-changing business needs 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


00:00 as complexity grows the burden of

00:02 managing networks and services

00:04 multiplies

00:05 juniper networks helps you automate the

00:07 entire network lifecycle to simplify

00:09 design deployment and operations

00:12 juniper assures experiences and gives

00:14 you more control of the modern automated

00:17 data center

00:20 now your data center network can be both

00:22 with the juniper appstress system

00:24 providing intent based networking

00:27 expedite deployment and assure day two

00:29 operations with appstra's closed-loop

00:31 automation and assurance

00:33 tie an architect's design to everyday

00:35 operations with continuous validation

00:37 powerful analytics and root cause

00:39 analysis

00:40 achieve faster times to deployment and

00:43 resolution with significant opex

00:44 reduction

00:46 standards-based and automated network

00:48 fabrics deliver scalability reliability

00:50 and non-blocking predictable performance

00:53 the juniper switching routing and

00:55 security platforms stand apart with best

00:58 in class throughput and scalability

01:00 including 400g interfaces comprehensive

01:03 evpn vxlan and ipfabric capabilities

01:07 the richness of juniper's telemetry

01:09 combined with the open programmability

01:12 of the juno os and juniper threat

01:14 prevention capabilities makes it easier

01:17 than ever to adapt your data center to

01:19 ever changing business needs

01:21 contrail networking provides dynamic

01:23 end-to-end network policy and control

01:25 for cloud-native workloads as well as

01:27 legacy workloads across multi-cluster

01:30 environments from a single point of

01:31 operations

01:33 it allows virtual network connections to

01:35 workloads and kubernetes open shift and

01:37 open stack compute nodes as well as to

01:40 physical router and switch resources

01:42 with juniper connected security you can

01:45 safeguard your users applications data

01:48 and infrastructure by extending security

01:50 to every point of connection from client

01:53 to cloud

01:54 the modern data center demands agility

01:57 alongside reliability and security

01:59 juniper helps you rethink data center

02:02 operations by automating the entire

02:04 network life cycle in a single turnkey

02:06 system for design deployment and

02:09 continuous validation

02:18 [Music]

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