Juniper Apstra: Unified Management from Core to Edge Data Centers

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Need a reason to use Juniper Apstra? Here are a few.

Supporting and configuring data centers in multiple locations is a challenge, but Juniper has an easy solution. It’s called Apstra, and it will enhance your customer experience and improve reliability by bringing data closer to the end user. Watch to learn more.  

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You’ll learn

  • Apstra is the only data center intent-based networking (IBN) vendor with multivendor support

  • The benefits of processing data at the edge instead of sending traffic back to centralized cloud data centers 

  • Why we like to say that Apstra is reliable, simple, and secure 

Who is this for?

Business Leaders Network Professionals


0:00 supporting and configuring a data center

0:02 in one location is already a challenge

0:05 it becomes even more daunting when you

0:07 have to do this in multiple locations

0:10 especially remote sites

0:12 discover an easier way with juniper

0:15 appstra

0:16 to enhance your customer experience by

0:18 optimizing your edge data center

0:20 operations

0:22 simple

0:23 reliable

0:25 consistent and the only solution with

0:27 multi-vendor support

0:29 extend intent-based networking and

0:32 analytics to the edge and beyond

0:35 apply consistent network policies across

0:37 your entire network

0:39 proactively monitor and resolve issues

0:42 before they impact business

0:44 appstra juniper appstra reliable simple

0:48 and secure find out more today

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