Eric Stinson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Data Center QoD: What is the Status of Today's EVPN Data Center?

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Still shot of Juniper’s Wen Lin sitting in a chair wearing a burgundy shirt as she answers the first question in the new Data Center QoD video series.

Data Center QoD: What is the status of today’s EVPN Data Center?

This is the first of a six-part video series we’re calling “Data Center: QoD” (Question of the Day). The series will explore the ways Juniper is improving and simplifying the data center experience. Watch as Juniper’s Wen Lin tackles the first question on the status of the EVPN data center. 

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You’ll learn

  • What’s up with the EVPN Data Center today 

  • Some of the challenges data center operators are currently facing

  • Ways Juniper can help data center operators upgrade and scale out their existing data center architecture 

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Eric Stinson Headshot
Eric Stinson
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

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Wen Lin
Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks 


0:00 [Music]

0:12 hi my name is eric stinson from

0:13 juniper's product marketing team and we

0:15 are kicking off a new series of question

0:17 of the day videos uh talking about the

0:20 data center and some of the things we're

0:21 doing to improve the experience in the

0:23 data center

0:24 today i have with me wen lin who is one

0:27 of juniper's distinguished engineers

0:29 welcome wen hi thank you eric for the

0:32 introduction sure thing um so our first

0:35 question to to kind of kick this off

0:37 um is just talking a little bit about

0:39 the data center so what is the status of

0:42 the evpn data center today and what are

0:45 some of the challenges that people are

0:47 facing

0:48 so nowadays

0:50 data center is built based on a spine

0:52 and a leaf architecture also known as a

0:55 cross fabric

0:56 and the evpn has been widely used in the

0:59 data center

1:01 to build virtualized overlay network

1:04 for the data center traffic

1:07 for the data center deployed in the

1:09 field today

1:11 the intelligence to build evpn overlay

1:14 network

1:16 for the east-west

1:17 data center traffic is mostly resigned

1:20 on the leaf device within the cross

1:23 fabric as a business grow

1:26 there may be a need to extend existing

1:29 data center

1:31 and but to meet the scale-out

1:33 requirement

1:35 we may need to add more

1:37 spine devices on

1:40 leaf devices

1:42 and we may need to have a more powerful

1:45 hardware platforms

1:48 but upgrade and scale out

1:51 the existing evpn data center is costly

1:55 so the current you are facing is how to

1:57 scale out

1:59 evpn data center

2:02 and this is challenging because we need

2:05 to consider supportability and the

2:08 compatibility

2:10 of all different types of hardware

2:12 platform

2:13 also with all new features being added

2:16 on a physical router we have to make

2:18 sure along the way we don't break any

2:21 existing component running on the router

2:24 that may or may not be directly related

2:27 to evpn

2:29 so to ensure the quality it usually

2:31 takes a long development cycle and

2:34 testing cycle to bring the new feature

2:36 to the product

2:39 today there's also a demand field large

2:42 evpn data center with a virtualized

2:45 workload so we need to build the evpn

2:48 data center with a cloud-native approach

2:53 to build a data center that can be

2:55 scaled out easily and to provide

2:59 simplicity

3:00 and

3:01 consistency and also for to build a

3:05 network that can be easily provisioned

3:09 and monitored and

3:11 can be also automated

3:14 to satisfy all those demands

3:17 we introduced

3:19 evpn

3:20 post-routed bridging

3:23 which is based on a cloud native

3:25 approach well that sounds pretty

3:27 interesting and the

3:28 evpn host routed bridging sounds like it

3:31 could be promising

3:32 so maybe we can dig into that in more

3:34 detail on a future question of the day

3:37 session thank you eric

3:39 yes thank you very much wen and uh hope

3:41 you have a great day and hope everybody

3:42 else has a great day as well thank you

3:48 [Music]

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