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Data Center QoD: What is EVPN Host Routed Bridging?

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In the upper right corner is a photo of Juniper’s Wen Lin explaining EVPN host routed bridging. There is also a slide showing two gray router switches at the top with gray lines connecting them to four gray router devices at the bottom and the words “EVPN Overlay Network.” It says “spine-leaf data center fabric” at the top. There is a downward arrow on the right with the words, “EVPN is moved to the end device” next to it. There is another downward arrow on the left side. 

Data Center QoD #2: What is EVPN Host Routed Bridging?

In this, the second video in our Data Center QoD (Question of the Day) series, Juniper’s Wen Lin answers the question: what is EVPN host routed bridging (HRB)? Watch now for her enlightening answer, and learn how Juniper can help you simplify data center networking.  

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You’ll learn

  • What EVPN HRB is exactly 

  • The advantages to the HRB approach to building the EVPN data center (hello, increased revenue!)  

  • How an HRB data center with an EVPN overlay network compares to a traditional data center architecture 

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Eric Stinson Headshot
Eric Stinson
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

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Wen Lin
Distinguished Engineers, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:12 hi my name is eric stinson from

0:13 juniper's product marketing team and

0:16 today we are continuing with our series

0:18 of question of the days regarding uh

0:21 evpn and

0:23 host router bridging or hrb so with me

0:26 i'm joined by wen lin

0:28 one of juniper's distinguished engineers

0:31 hi wen

0:32 hi eric

0:34 uh thank you for joining me um and today

0:37 you know

0:38 last question of the day we talked a

0:39 little bit about you know where we are

0:41 with the evpn and the data center um but

0:44 and he kind of mentioned host router

0:46 bridging so today what we'd like to do

0:48 is dig a little further into that and

0:50 what exactly is post router bridging or

0:52 hrb evpn host router bridging is a cloud

0:57 native approach to build the evpn data

0:59 centers

1:01 it can provide a scale-out solutions

1:04 with consistency

1:05 operational simplicity and at the same

1:08 time

1:09 increase your revenue growth

1:11 so compared to a traditional evpn data

1:14 center

1:15 where the intelligence of

1:18 evpn to build overlay network resigned

1:21 on the leaf device

1:22 for east west data center traffic in the

1:25 cross fabric

1:27 now remove the intelligence of the evpn

1:30 to establish virtualized overlay network

1:33 from the leaf device down to the end

1:36 station which connects directly to the

1:38 cross fabric

1:40 and

1:41 all the protocol that is used to

1:44 discover

1:45 and establish evpn over a tunnel right

1:49 now running on the device and the device

1:52 which is a host can be host or server

1:54 bare metal itself

1:57 with hiv

1:59 the

2:00 east-west traffic now travels from the

2:03 host

2:04 directly over the overlay tunnel to

2:07 another host

2:09 and the spine leaf data center

2:12 cross fabric become a real only the ip

2:16 transport

2:17 they are not aware of the network they

2:20 become the pure ip transport

2:24 for the evpn running on the host

2:27 most routed bridging today we provide

2:31 evpn multi-tenancy

2:34 and evpn bdn aware and the vdm based

2:38 service well thank you wen that was uh

2:41 that sounds pretty cool so it sounds

2:43 like hrb is going to have a lot of

2:45 advantages and i look forward to

2:47 continuing with this series as we move

2:49 and hear what some of those advantages

2:51 are as well as you know how juniper is

2:53 implementing uh hrb so thank you very

2:55 much

2:56 thank you eric

3:01 [Music]

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