U.S. Federal Government

Many governmental agencies struggle to secure sensitive data and ensure that their networks meet the performance demands of critical military and citizen services.

As agencies accelerate cloud adoption for faster service delivery, cost savings, and security, they still need highly available networks with world-class performance and automated cyber defenses. High-performance computing in extended, connected mission environments requires best-in-class, open technologies, and unified management to minimize risk and drive simplicity. Getting there requires agency CIOs to modernize legacy networks and securely migrate to the cloud.

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How Juniper can help

We are FedRAMP In-Process. When we are authorized, agencies can adopt Juniper Mist cloud architecture with confidence. Juniper wireless, wired, and SD-WAN work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist Government Cloud to optimize user experiences and simplify operations in branch and campus environments and complies with U.S. government standards for cloud products and services.

Juniper has extensive experience working with governmental agencies and supporting their specialized networking and security requirements. We offer federal-certified solutions for those missions that demand unfailing network performance.


U.S. Civilian Agencies

When network performance is mission-critical, Juniper is there with open technologies and a proven approach you can trust to meet the growing demands of our connected world.

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U.S. Department of Defense

DoD agencies need a secure, efficient way to deliver high-performance, resilient network services in mission-critical environments with seamless cloud integration.

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U.S. National Security

When missions demand high availability network performance, Juniper is there with IC/DoD-certified technologies and proven solutions built for intelligence operations.

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U.S. Federal Government Services

Juniper U.S. government services are designed to provide an enhanced, secured, end-to-end U.S. based customer support experience.   

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Contact your U.S. Government Services Team

You can reach us through email at federal-services@juniper.net or call us at our federal contact support number: 1 833-900-1454.

Juniper U.S. Government Support Portal

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