U.S. Civilian Agencies

As workloads shift to the cloud, you need high-performance networking tailored to support your agency’s IT in mission-critical environments. Juniper has what you need.

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How Juniper can help

You can rely on Juniper’s long history of working alongside civilian agencies to build and support specialized infrastructures and to securely shift workloads to the cloud in compliance with your operational requirements.

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Best-in-class, open standards technologies

High-performing, certified routers, switches, and firewalls deliver maximum uptime and durability with no vendor lock-in.

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Connected, threat-aware security


AI and real-time analytics increase visibility and resolve threats fast—from the data center to the mission edge.

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Streamlined network operations

Automation and one familiar user experience simplifies operations and offloads limited resources.

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Federal Government

Juniper delivers high-performance networking solutions and AI-driven security to scale services with uptime and advanced threat protection assured.

Federal Government / U.S. Department of Defense

Rely on our long history of working side by side to support specialized infrastructures and shift workloads to the cloud in a way that makes sense for your operational environments.

U.S. National Security

When missions demand unfailing network performance, Juniper is there with IC/DoD certified technologies and proven solutions built for intelligence operations.

The State of Network Automation Report (SoNAR)

Discover the impact of automation. The 2020 SoNAR, sponsored by Juniper, reveals how today's use of automation affects engineers, NetOps teams, and business.

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Explore the journey to a transformed network.