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Service Overview

Juniper Care Services provide rapid response from Juniper Networks’ technical service engineers and hardware replacement options that let you choose the right timing and resources for your network needs. Juniper Care increases your operational effectiveness and lowers operational costs. This allows your staff to concentrate on running the business, not fixing equipment.

Product Description

Receive best-in-class traditional 24x7 support. Take advantage of award-winning online support that is rated one of the ten best Web support sites for an industry unprecedented six consecutive years, according to the Association of Support Professionals (ASP). No other networking company has won more than three consecutive ASP awards.

  • Is maximized network availability a priority for your organization?
  • Is your internal IT staff stretched too thin?
  • Do you need to reduce network-based risk while increasing the value of your network investment?
  • Would you like to reduce your current support costs?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you will benefit from Juniper Care Services. Experts in achieving network availability levels, our engineers and technicians can help your organization meet the most aggressive network demands through operational support that ensures maximum uptime, utility, and value.

Service Description

Juniper Care combines traditional 24x7 remote technical support, hardware replacement services, and online support. More than a simple break-fix service, Juniper Care helps you meet network demands with technical and operational support designed to keep your network running reliably, while at the same time protecting your high-performance networking investment.

  • Access crucial support and lifecycle actionable insights through Juniper Support Insights Operational Dashboards and Reports based on your network.  
  • Integrate your customer relationship management (CRM)/ticketing systems with Juniper’s through a set of easy-to-use and well-defined Juniper Support APIs to provide B2B integration.
  • Juniper Care improves staff productivity and decreases operational costs through award winning 24x7 support and automation
  • Easily migrate to Juniper Advanced Care or Juniper Premium Care as your network grows and you require more features.
Juniper Care Services Support Levels Figure

Figure 1: The Juniper Care Services portfolio allows you to choose the support level that’s right for you

Features and Benefits

Table 1. Juniper Care Services Features and Benefits
Feature Feature Description Benefit
Technical support Gain access to Juniper Networks technical support engineers, software updates, online access to our knowledge base, online tools, and hardware replacement options. Tailor a comprehensive range of post-deployment technical support plans to meet the specific requirements of your network environment.
Juniper Support Insights Gain actionable operational health insights across the entire network. The solution extends AI-driven support to all Junos devices, providing a superior customer support experience.
  • Improves network performance and uptime.
  • Reduces administrative costs, effort, and the complexity of managing the network.
  • Streamlines network operations.
Support portal Delivers essential, up-to-date support data to users, including support cases, RMAs, install base (assets), service contracts. and notifications specific to the purchased products. Enable more personal, proactive, and efficient management of product support needs.
Service APIs Provides an integrated set of fully supported, secure, REST-based Juniper APIs. Available APIs include Case, Quote, Asset, Contract, and EOX. APIs provide a full system-to-system integration for several work processes via an established onboarding process. Case API avoids duplicating data by integrating customer’s support CRM/ticketing system with Juniper. Simplifies the process and reduces effort since users only need to enter data once in their CRM/ticketing system.
Quote, Asset, Contract, and EOX APIs provide access to data for customer automation to streamline workflows around renewals, entitlement, and EOX planning.
Juniper Software Support Evaluation Tool (JSSET) Offers a secure portal that provides Proactive Bug Notifications (PBNs) for Junos software defects based on configurable customer profiles. Alerts you to known critical/major issues that can impact the devices in your network.
Helps determine the impact on and potential exposure of different Junos versions.
Support Digital Assistant Provides 24/7 assistance in products, cases, RMAs, software downloads, welcome letter, password help, and knowledge search.
  • Get help and assistance from an AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP)-enabled 24/7 assistant.
  • Solves common problems without having to open a case or call support.

Juniper Care Entitlements

See Table 2 for Juniper Care entitlements. Select your primary level of support to determine your hardware replacement options and gain access to our Juniper Support Portal (JSP) to access software updates and online post-sales tools.

Table 2. Juniper Care Entitlements
  Juniper Care Core Juniper Care Core Plus Juniper Care
Next-Day Delivery
Juniper Care
Next-Day Ship
Juniper Care
Next-Day Onsite
Juniper Care
Juniper Care
Same-Day 2-Hour
Juniper Care
Same-Day Onsite
Unlimited JTAC 24x7 X X X X X X X X
Software releases X X X X X X X X
JSP online E-Support X X X X X X X X
Return-to-factory   X            
Next-business day advanced replacement parts delivery     X   X      
Next-business day advanced replacement parts shipment       X        
Same-day 4-Hour advanced replacement parts delivery           X   X
Same-day 2-Hour advanced replacement parts delivery             X  
Onsite technician         X     X
Juniper Support Insights X X X X X X X X
Service APIs X X X X X X X X
Software Support Evaluation Tool X X X X X X X X

Juniper also offers Next-Day Ship service level to customers who are in Brazil, India and China only. Please see the Juniper Care Service Description Document for details.

For all hardware replacement options, please follow Juniper’s then- current RMA Policy and Procedures which are posted at

Return the defective Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) to a Juniper Networks-specified RMA return depot locations, which can be found at Depot Locations are subject to change and replacements may be new or refurbished. Please note that actual delivery times may be affected by events beyond Juniper’s reasonable control or by applicable export or import controls and licensing requirements or by local customs processes.

JTAC Access

With Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) support, you have unlimited 24x7 access to JTAC engineers by phone and online. As a single point of contact for all of your support needs, JTAC engineers have extensive experience supporting large-scale networks. JTAC engineers can help you diagnose system problems, configure, troubleshoot, and provide work-around solutions. To ensure that JTAC responds as quickly as possible, automatic escalation alerts to senior management are triggered on all priority issues.

Software Releases

Juniper Networks provides you with access to all new software releases as soon as they are made available for general release.

Juniper Support Insights

Juniper Support Insights extends AI-driven support to Junos devices, giving IT and network operations teams proactive, operational health insights across their entire network. Easy to use and secure, Juniper Support Insights connects Junos-based platforms to the Juniper cloud for actionable intelligence that can be used to optimize the network and streamline network operations. Data is collected, correlated with Juniper specific knowledge (known defects, contract status, End of Life/Support (EOL/EOS), product knowledge bases, security vulnerabilities), and then curated into actionable insights. Juniper Support Insights provides access to a secure portal used to manage device onboarding and discovery as well as view operational dashboards and reports. For details on security and privacy, please refer to the Security and Privacy Overview Technical Brief.

Juniper Support Portal Online Support

The Juniper Support Portal (JSP) provides you with self-service access to Juniper’s award winning online portal for the information, answers, tools, and service options required to ensure the support of your network investment. Features within the JSP include, but are not limited to, software downloads, technical alerts and bulletins, RMA requests, and the Juniper Networks Knowledge Base.

The Juniper Support Portal (JSP) is a self-service customer support portal designed to be the primary tool for Juniper’s Customer Service organization. The portal, powered by big-data infrastructure, ensures that the data is accurate and available. It provides up-to- date support information via a user interface.


Juniper Networks will replace or repair the FRU identified in the Juniper-issued RMA and ship the replacement or repaired FRU, as applicable, to the Ship-to Address within 10 business days after Juniper’s receipt of the defective FRU at the specified RMA return location. The repaired or replacement FRU may be shipped from a Juniper regional distribution center.

Next-Day Delivery

Juniper Networks will deliver FRU replacements at the Ship-To Address in advance of receiving returned defective hardware on the next Business Day, provided that the RMA is issued by 3 p.m., local time (based on ship to address), on a Business Day. If the RMA is issued after 3 p.m., Juniper Networks will deliver the replacement FRU on the 2nd Business Day. “Next-Day Delivery” is subject to availability.


Juniper Networks will deliver FRU replacements to the ship-to address, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within 4 hours of issuance of RMA In advance of receipt of defective hardware. “Same-Day” is subject to availability.

Same-Day 2-Hour

Juniper Networks will deliver FRU replacements to the ship-to address, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within 2 hours of issuance of RMA in advance of receipt of defective hardware. “Same-Day 2-Hour” is subject to availability.

Onsite Technician

Upon final diagnosis of a part failure and replacement authorization by Juniper Networks, a trained service technician is dispatched to the installed site. Once there, the service technician coordinates with JTAC and the Customer for final resolution of the problem and the Customer will return the defective product to Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks Onsite support offerings do not provide assistance for software troubleshooting or configuration support.

Service API

Provides an integrated set of fully supported, secure, REST-based Juniper APIs. Available APIs include Case, Quote, Asset, Contract, and EOX. APIs provide a full system-to-system integration for several work processes via an established onboarding process.

Juniper Software Support Evaluation Tool

The Juniper Software Support Evaluation Tool (JSSET) is a secure portal that provides Proactive Bug Notifications (PBNs) focused on Junos software defects that may have critical or major service impact. The portal can be used to generate on-demand reports, assess software defects, and evaluate versions of Junos software to determine the potential impact and exposure.

Key Features

Service APIs

The Juniper Support Case APIs are a well-defined set of REST APIs that enable clients (Juniper customers) to integrate their support CRM/ticketing systems with Juniper’s support CRM system. As part of this B2B integration, clients can:

  • Automatically create a case/service request (SR) in Juniper’s support CRM system based on a case/ticket/incident in their system;
  • Manage the case/SR lifecycle via this API channel (for example, to update the case, attach files, escalate the case, or request case closure); and
  • Receive asynchronous updates to the case/SR made by Juniper support engineers, and/or other channel updates, without the need to poll.

The Juniper Quote, Asset, Contract, and EOX APIs allow customers to automate development and manage the lifecycle around Juniper devices.

For detailed API onboarding, documentation, definition, and support models, please refer to the documentation found on the Juniper Developer Portal.

Juniper Software Support Evaluation Tool

The JSSET portal provides a large number of PBN capabilities. The user can build highly customized queries based on customer profiles (for instance, Junos version and hardware inventory), preview the results online, produce an impact assessment, and export the relevant data to preformatted reports for delivery.

Key features include:

  • Reporting Junos software defects that may have a critical or major service impact
  • Ability to attach multiple queries to single customer profiles
  • Enabling powerful “fuzzy search” on MR, SR and X releases (the ability to query PRs based on main release e.g. 16.1, 17.1 etc.)
  • Support for advanced filtering with multiple positive and negative keyword filtering
  • Ability to export and customize reports

Complementary or Higher Level Services

Juniper Networks® Advanced Care provides you with 24x7 access to an Escalation Management Desk via a dedicated phone number, expedited support through direct access to Juniper senior support engineers, and faster support response times—all designed to ensure that your issues are handled promptly and effectively. Additional features include onboarding assistance, best-practice knowledge transfer, and customized reports, all available to enhance your networking expertise, anticipate and prevent problem before they occur, and reduce administration. For more details, please see the Advance Care Data Sheet.

Juniper Networks Premium Care provides you with all the features and value of Advanced Care plus an assigned service manager as a single point of contact for managing all of your service-related issues and entitlements. For more details, please see the Premium Care Data Sheet.

Juniper Networks Services and Support

Juniper Networks is the leader in performance-enabling services that are designed to accelerate, extend, and optimize your high-performance network. Our services allow you to maximize operational efficiency while reducing costs and minimizing risk, achieving a faster time to value for your network. Juniper Networks ensures operational excellence by optimizing the network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and availability. For more details, please visit

Ordering Information

Juniper Care Services are available globally. For details, please contact your local Juniper Partner or Juniper Networks field sales manager.

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